独家, 库苏玛伊达安贾尼: 在穆斯蒂卡大流行女王专注于保健产品的时代
Kusuma Ida Anjani. (Photo: Savic Rabos, DI: Raga/VOI)

The COVID-19 pandemic is like a hurricane that hits anything and anyone. There are people or companies that fall and there are also those who survive. Those who survive are usually because they apply the right strategy so that they are not crushed and sunk by the storm. Mustika Ratu Tbk., which relies on three main pillars: beauty, natural health care and wellness, said Kusuma Ida Anjani, Bcom, MBus, MAppFin as Director of Business Development and Innovation, innovating and refocusing production during this pandemic. And it turns out that this strategy allows the company to show convincing growth. What tips and strategies did he do? To the VOI Team, he shared his story.


Mustika Ratu is a company that was started by BRA Mooryati Soedibyo in 1975. However, long before that, it started selling herbal medicine on a home scale and SMEs. Until now this company continues to grow and penetrate many fields. But still focus on beauty, natural health care and wellness.

In this pandemic period, when many companies are affected by the pandemic, Mustika Ratu, said Kusuma Ida Anjani or who is also the grandson of Mooryati Soedibyo and daughter of President Commissioner Djoko Ramiadji, shows an encouraging development. Sales data in semester 1 of 2021 shows an increase of more than 20 percent. This growth was largely contributed by the health sector. Because during this pandemic, health is the focus of everyone's attention so that they can be healthy, fit and maintained immunity.

He graduated from Curtin University and earned a Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting & Finance (2006-2008). Then continued at Monash University taking the Double Degree program - Master of Applied Finance and Master of Business (2009-2010). Armed with his knowledge, Anjani worked in various companies and financial / banking institutions in Australia such as Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank, and Morgan Stanley, for more than 10 years. Then he returned to his homeland in 2019 by working and serving in a company founded by his family.

Joining Mustika Ratu, he occupies a position on the board of directors, as Director of Business Development and Innovation. Ajeng, as she is usually called, applies the knowledge she has gained on campus and the experience of working in international companies in the Kangaroo country. Even though he has a different line of business, he can adapt to Mustika Ratu's line of business and the business climate in Indonesia.

Various business developments and innovations are under the control of Ajeng. Together with the team, he issued innovative products during this pandemic. "We are developing products that people need today, such as Herbamuno+, hand sanitizers, and various herbal products that can increase the body's immunity. Our herbal medicine is served in a taste that is not bitter but without compromising the efficacy and is presented in a modern hygienic packaging," explained the woman who is also active as the Chairperson of PPAK Indonesia (Indonesian Cosmetics Company and Association), Deputy Secretary General of the DPP GP Jamu and also Chairperson of the Election Executive. Indonesian Princess.

To Iqbal Irsyad, Edy Suherli, Savic Rabos and Rifai who visited his office at Graha Mustika Ratu Jl. Gatot Subroto No.74-75, Jakarta, recently he shared his experiences and tips for issuing innovations. Before the pandemic, Mustika Ratu was more prominent as a cosmetics manufacturer, during this pandemic they focus on the health sector. Here is the full excerpt.

Kusuma Ida Anjani. (Foto: Savic Rabos, DI: Raga/VOI)
Kusuma Ida Anjani. (Photo: Savic Rabos, DI: Raga/VOI)

During this pandemic, what is the condition of Mustika Ratu?

Mustika Ratu has three pillars, namely beauty, natural health care and wellness. So if we look at it in terms of sales, we have just released data in the first semester, our sales, thank God, rose above 20 percent and this does include products that are currently needed by the community, especially health products, traditional medicines or herbal medicine.

This 20 percent figure is compared to the previous year in the same period. It has entered the era of a pandemic. If we look and compare it with the figures we got from BPS yesterday, the economic growth was 7.07 percent, this figure of 20 percent is good enough for development. At Mustika Ratu, we always focus on creating innovation by looking at the needs of the community. And what is needed now is health products, especially to maintain the body's immune system. This new Mustika Ratu releases products from original Indonesian ingredients taken from Mrs. Mooryati Soedibyo's recipe, her name is Herbamuno+. Its function is to overcome the symptoms that are often found during this pandemic, such as fever, nausea, and fever. Everything can be helped by consuming this herbal supplement which has a function to help maintain body resistance.

Mustika Ratu is already synonymous with cosmetic production, in this pandemic period people are starting to save money, including for cosmetic needs. But instead of increasing sales, is it because of health product innovation?

When we talk about cosmetics, there are several categories under it; personal care which includes body care and facial care. Then there is make-up, such as lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow and powder and so on. In personal care, this is a category that is needed such as shampoo, bath soap, which have become basic necessities to maintain cleanliness. Currently people are looking for these products. What we produce has natural ingredients, so it is very unique. There are various variants, such as olive oil which contains mojokeling seeds. We also have various types of masks made of yam, tomatoes and various kinds.

If we look at research data from Google released a few months ago, during this pandemic, searches for body care have actually increased. Like in Do It Yourself (DIY) so maybe because WFH people tend to try and be creative using various types of products. For example, Mustika Ratu olives can be used multifunctionally and many people end up being creative using scrubs or they do it themselves with other natural ingredients.

During this pandemic, internet usage is also increasing, will it have any effect on Mustika Ratu?

The digital factor is also important, so if we look at the data from 2020, it turns out that internet usage for all economic classes, upper, middle and lower, is above 80 percent every day. With this condition we also do digital penetration.

We optimize marketing and communication to the public by means of online. Before the pandemic, the field team directly met with consumers, but now they can't anymore. We used to see advertisements on television which were the most effective, now we look to digital by advertising on YouTube, social media, involving KOL (Key Opinion Leader) and influencers.

Are there layoffs during this pandemic?

For layoffs we try not to exist. During this pandemic, field teams and beauty advisors cannot hold seminars attended by many people. We then formed a digital division that could do marketing via telephone and social media. So we're heading there.

Kusuma Ida Anjani. (Foto: Savic Rabos, DI: Raga/VOI)
Kusuma Ida Anjani. (Photo: Savic Rabos, DI: Raga/VOI)

During this pandemic, Mustika Ratu also donated the health workers, where did they go?

This is an appreciation to those who are struggling to suppress the victims during this pandemic. Our targets are health workers at Wisma Atlet Hospital, Wisma Haji Hospital, TNI-Polri and all parties from the government and citizens. We want to be able to help maintain health with our products such as Herbalmuno+ and hand sanitizers as well as products made from other herbal ingredients.

What are the ingredients for Herbalmuno+?

There are five natural ingredients in Herbalmuno+. Starting from emprit ginger: which can overcome nausea and vomiting and as an immunomodulator and gastroprotector. Sambiloto: contains anti-inflammatory / antinyeri and reduce fever. Then liquorice: also contains anti-inflammatory / anti-pain, relieve cough (expectorant) and shortness of breath. While meniran: contains immunomodulators and hepatoprotectors. And cashew leaves: contain painkillers, relieve diarrhea and bronchodilators.

Has this Herbalmuno+ been clinically tested?

To prepare for a clinical trial, there are many stages, we are collaborating with the Wisma Atlet Emergency Hospital and also with the University of Indonesia. We are conducting clinical trials at this time, it is still in the early stages, but this product already has a herbal medicine license. So it can be circulated to the public through pharmacies and drug stores. This clinical trial is important because we want this product to be distributed to the global community.

In the traditional medicine industry there are three stages, the first is herbal medicine using journals and empirical data. After that, we did a preclinical test which then rose to a standardized herbal medicine status. And finally, after conducting clinical trials, they will become fitofarmaka. In Indonesia, currently, the category of traditional medicinal products that have become phytopharmaceuticals and standardized herbal medicines is indeed very limited and this is indeed Mustika Ratu's mission so that we can also compete globally.

What else is being developed?

Mustika Ratu was founded in 1975, but Mrs. Mooryati Soedibyo has long been selling herbal medicine in MSMEs at her house with a turnover of only Rp. 2,500. Until now more than 1000 products have been presented. We have Slimming Tea which comes from Dutch teak leaves. This product has been pre-clinically tested at Tokyo University. And now it has been marketed in the Middle East, and neighboring countries such as Malaysia.

Indeed, Indonesia is very rich in medicinal plants. Indonesia is also known as the largest biodiversity in the world. This is what we developed at Mustika Ratu, exploring and developing natural medicinal ingredients that are rich in efficacy. Another innovation that we do is to make herbal products last longer with hygienic packaging. Mrs. Mooryati Soedibyo has written down recipes for traditional medicines that were obtained from her ancestors. All of this is written in the book Natural Sources of Health, which is our guide in concocting medicinal and herbal ingredients.

Regarding beauty products, now entering cosmetics from abroad, how to face competition?

The important thing about beauty products is their safety. It is said to be safe if it has obtained permission from BPOM. If it doesn't exist, it's illegal. Mustika Ratu cosmetic products contain natural ingredients that are processed hygienically and halal. Our cosmetics are holistic and suitable for growth, children, youth, adults and beyond. And what we make is in accordance with the needs of the Indonesian people. Therefore we are not afraid to compete with products from anywhere.

Mustika Ratu is a partner of the Puteri Indonesia Foundation, how far has it progressed?

The Putri Indonesia Foundation (YPI) was built by Ms. Mooryati and developed by Ms. Putri Kuswisnuwardhani. Mustika Ratu for the last 29 years has continued to be a partner of Putri Indonesia. YPI also holds 3 licenses, namely Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Supranational. We will send the winners of the Puteri Indonesia event in the three events. The aim is not only to empower Indonesian women but also to promote tourism and Indonesian products.

What are your plans if this Pandemic is difficult to slope?

We are grateful that despite the pandemic, economic growth is still improving. BPS data says our economic growth is 7.07 percent. This is very positive. We hope that immunization can be completed soon, so that heard immunity is formed. And then the community can move with progress and the economy can rise. We must be optimistic that we can get through this pandemic. Opportunities for health and herbal products are increasing during this pandemic. We also do efficiency so that the company can survive until later.

You are the third generation of Mustika Ratu, this is crucial, many people say, what philosophical values can be applied to the present and the future?

There is a philosophy inherited by the founder of Mustika Ratu, Mrs. Mooryati Soedibyo in running this business. It's from Java; Kusumo Rembesing Madu, Turning Sinatryo Tedak Ing Wong Amoro Topo, Mustikaning Ratu, which means the struggle of chivalry through concern so that something of value is created. This is the spirit and philosophy brought by Mustika Ratu. We also pass down the philosophy in a variety of products which are then distributed to the public. The goal is to do something the best even though it must be passed with a struggle that is not short.

Kusuma Ida Anjani: Never Stop Learning
Kusuma Ida Anjani. (Foto: Savic Rabos, DI: Raga/VOI)
Kusuma Ida Anjani. (Photo: Savic Rabos, DI: Raga/VOI)

Learning is from birth to closing your eyes, or for life. And learning does not know the level, the young can learn from the old, and vice versa, the old is also not forbidden to learn from the young. Kusuma Ida Anjani, Bcom, MBus, MAppFin., really applied this philosophy both for his personal benefit and when he was one of the top leaders at PT Mustika Ratu Tbk., the company where he works and serves now.

“I myself still have a lot to learn. Anyway, I never want to stop learning. And this can be seen from the founder of Mustika Ratu herself, Mrs. Mooryati Soedibyo. He always emphasized to us not to stop learning. When there is something new or a new trend outside we learn. For example, about people's consumption patterns in the midst of a pandemic like now. We also learn that in the office," he said.

According to Anjani, the biggest mistake is being satisfied with what has been achieved. “We cannot stop or be satisfied with what we have achieved. Maybe the quality of our products is good, but is the packaging appropriate? Etc. So don't be satisfied with what has been done," he said.

Everyone has a different definition of success. According to the woman who is usually called Ajeng, she must not give up before success can be achieved. “To achieve success the number one is study and study. Why is that, because there is always a sky above the sky. That's why we must continue to learn, from anyone, including from people who have achieved success. In fact, it is possible to be from above and from below. From young children, I myself must admit that I also learn a lot, from friends or young colleagues who do have quirky and unique ideas," he said.

Pandemic Time
Kusuma Ida Anjani. (Foto: Savic Rabos, DI: Raga/VOI)
Kusuma Ida Anjani. (Photo: Savic Rabos, DI: Raga/VOI)

Even though it is still during the COVID-19 pandemic, Anjani is still active in his office. “Office activities still exist because our company is in the critical category. Mustika Ratu produces health goods and equipment, in addition to the production of beauty goods and necessities as is well known so far. So I keep checking production with other board of directors. I have to make sure that production continues even though the situation is still a pandemic," he said.

But what makes him grateful, meetings and meetings that before the pandemic were done offline, can now all be done online. “I can make the meeting more effective because it is done online. From one meeting to the next meeting sometimes almost without a long pause. Because all do not require a trip that has to be taken. Just change the zoom-meeting from one to the next. One day I usually have 4 to 5 meetings, now it can be 10 times because it is so efficient,” he said.

From a business perspective, during a pandemic it is different from before the pandemic. Lucky because technology can be applied in terms of meetings, and supervising staff and teams even though the places are far apart.

What are some healthy tips to be able to be active? “Since before the pandemic I have been diligent in drinking traditional drinks. Such as red ginger, temulawak, bitter and others that are rich in properties. Now during the pandemic I just have to continue that habit. And the good thing is that now it is available in practical packaging,” he said.

It's good to drink herbal medicine now that the bitter taste has been minimized. “In the past, people were reluctant to drink herbal medicine because it had a bitter taste. Yet behind it many benefits contained. But now with technology, the bitter taste can be minimized without reducing the efficacy of herbal medicine. The presentation is also in attractive and contemporary packaging and colors," he explained.

Kusuma Ida Anjani. (Foto: Savic Rabos, DI: Raga/VOI)
Kusuma Ida Anjani. (Photo: Savic Rabos, DI: Raga/VOI)

Not only drinking herbs, Anjani also tries to exercise regularly. “I usually wake up at 5 am, my routine habit is to run in the morning for less than half an hour to an hour. After that, get ready for breakfast and go to the office. When I get home from work, if I still have time, I also use it for cardio exercises. That's all I do, there is no big sport," he said.

In terms of food, Anjani has her own tips when she eats certain foods that are categorized as unhealthy foods, such as lots of fat and cholesterol. “Frankly, I really like snacking and eating Indonesian food. Sometimes there are typical Indonesian foods that contain a lot of cholesterol. Well, I have an antidote if it's like that," he said.

So before consuming the special food, there he drank a special concoction produced by Mustika Ratu which was efficacious in reducing the bad effects of the food consumed. "If that's the case, don't be nervous anymore even though you have to consume foods that are considered unhealthy, hehehe," Anjani continued sharing tips.

After struggling from Monday to Friday with office matters, the weekend is Kusuma Ida Anjani's time to devote his attention to his family. “Although busy with office matters, arriving at the weekend I focus on family, both my small family and big family. Yes, we often get together just to eat together, but during this pandemic the frequency of gathering has decreased drastically, you know there is PPKM. We have to comply with health protocols,” said the woman who had worked in Australia after completing her studies in the Kangaroo country.

“I still have a lot to learn myself. Anyway, I never want to stop learning. And this can be seen from the founder of Mustika Ratu herself, Mrs. Mooryati Soedibyo. He always emphasized to us not to stop learning. When there is something new or a new trend outside we learn. For example, about people's consumption patterns in the midst of a pandemic like now. We also learn that in the office, "

Kusuma Ida Anjani

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