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Kiky Saputri (Instagram/@kikysaputrii

JAKARTA - Stand-up comedian, Kiky Saputri once again shows his specialty as roasting officials and politicians. Finally, the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan became the material. Interestingly, Kiky revealed the public's response which was still swayed by practical political sentiments. Sometimes he is called a tadpole. Another time accused Kadrun. Who is Kiky really?

"When I roasted Mr. Fadli Zon, I was called a buzzer. When I roasted Mrs. Susi and the ministers, I was called a moron. When I sang 'Welcome to Indonesia' I was said to be kadrun. When I was roasting Mr. Anies, I was called a tadpole. So who am I really?"

Kiky wrote the sentence above through his Twitter account. If we gather the public's response to Kiky's roasting of various officials and politicians, we actually see Kiky playing the ideal comedy side. Not neutral. But impartial.

Kiky sided with the group that relatively needed alignments. Want the right, cake. Want to left, cake. Front. Behind. Just brush.

Sigmund Freud, in Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious (1960) describes two functions of comedy. First, to relieve tension and anxiety. Second, as a means of criticism or resistance to social and political conditions.

According to Freud, satire, irony, and sarcasm are the arts of uncovering truths that are hard to accept when they are told as they are.

The article Remotivi published on its website goes into more detail about the first function. To quote Scott Weems in Ha! The Science of When We Laugh and Why (2014), explained that comedy involves a psychological process that provokes humans to give an opposite response to the anxiety they actually feel.

Roberto Benigni starred in one of the best critical comedy-drama, "Life is Beautiful" (Source: IMDB)

Laughter can trigger the release of beta endorphins -- chemical compounds that erode depression -- and HGH, the human growth hormone. That is why through comedy people tend to laugh at suffering, social inequality or oppression more easily, even in the most bizarre ways.

The article also touched on the issue of partisanship in comedy. For the marginalized, comedy is a lifeboat for survival.

Quoting the Russian cultural thinker Mikhail Bakthin, he once said that the losing voice should subtly instill criticism without being noticed. And comedy is one way.

However, as a cultural product, comedy is also a double-edged sword. It can also be used by power groups to perpetuate the status quo, and even beat up the marginalized. So, comedy need not be neutral. But siding with wisdom is so important.

Kiky's history of roasting and actuality

Kiky Saputri's comedy is roasting. The technique is identical in the practice of stand up comedy. Citing the English Wikipedia page, Roasting comes from the word "roast", which means "to bake".

However, as an absorption language, roasting is translated as criticizing or conveying a stern rebuke. The website of the Friars' Club, a famous and legendary private club in New York City describes the starting point for the practice of roasting.

As a term, roasting first appeared in 1904 at the club. Art figures in the early periods of roasting history were Bob Hope, Groucho Marx, and Buddy Hackett, who was an early member of the club.

Friar's Club (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Since then many actors, musicians, and comedians practice it. And, indeed, from the very beginning, roasting has the power as a means of introducing criticism. Comedians, such as Milton Berle, Johnny Carson and Jack Benny practiced roasting as a rebellion against the standard political structure at that time.

In its development, roasting is more context free. It can be demonstrated randomly. It doesn't just have to be political, social, and other value content. It can float more lightly.

Even so, there are general rules that are born in roasting. First, there should be no element of racial slur in roasting. Then, the roaster must consider the life situation and highlight the uniqueness of the roasting party.

For Kiky, naturally in the public's mind he grew up as an expert in roasting the rulers. As stated by Kiky in her tweet, a number of political figures from the circle of power she had 'baked' in the heat of comedy.

Kiky Saputri in one of the stand up comedy stage acts (Instagram/@kikysaputrii)

Call it the former Minister of Manpower Hanif Dhakiri; former Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti; former Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara; Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi; and Gerindra Party politician, Fadli Zon.

"Mr. Hanif Dhakiri is really cool because he is the Minister of Manpower and now doubles as Minister of Youth and Sports. Mr. Hanif Dhakiri as Minister of Youth and Sports replaces Imam Nahrawi who stumbled on a corruption case. Sometimes the saying is true, sometimes happiness is created, because of suffering other people," Kiky told Hanif in the Unfinished Work program on Kompas TV.

"Perhaps one of his small tasks is to manage provider signals and internet data. So if you feel that your internet quota is running out quickly, your internet is slow, blame this man," Kiky pointed at Rudiantara during his roasting at the same event.

"I once read an astonishing article that Retno Marsudi's mother had a hobby of collecting bandanas. Oh my God, she's so cute like a kindergartner. She said that Retno's mother had collected bandanas because her hair was messy. Sorry mom, what kind of hair is that of an artist's household?" Retno Marsudi's turn.

"The cool thing about Mrs. Susi is that she has devoted herself for decades to promote the marine product community, especially from her birthplace in West Java. All fishermen in Pangandaran refer to Mrs. Susi as the Princess of the Sea. Princess of the Sea, from Pangandaran, South Coast, West Java. I'm sorry mom, is Nyi Roro Kidul's incarnation mother?" Susi became Kiky's last victim on the television show.

Fadli Zon tasted Kiky's roasting on another program, namely the program titled Corner of the People's House which aired on TVRI. To Fadli Zon, Kiky said, "He is a member of parliament. His job is to visit abroad, cost the state. But that's okay because his goal is to reconcile other countries. In fact, Indonesia has many conflicts because of him.

Finally, Kiky roasted DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan in the Lapor Pak televised program that aired on Trans7. A number of hot sentences were thrown by Kiky, ranging from Formula E, the Jakarta flood to allusions about Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok.

"I am very happy to meet Mr. Anies today. If you meet the Governor, it can't be like meeting ordinary people. The greeting is different. If you meet Mr. Andika, how are your family? Mr. Wendi, how are the children? Mr. Anies, how are you Formula E?"

"But Mr. Anies, I don't agree with this. Because there are many who blaspheme. In the eyes of the people, Mr. Anies is always wrong, especially about floods. Even though we know that floods existed before Mr. Anies was governor."

"The flood, Mr. Anies was wrong. The flood, Mr. Anies was wrong. Until Mr. Anies was upset and he made a statement, 'The flood can recede in one day and the rain can be controlled.' Now I know, Mr. Anies is not a governor but a water controller avatar," another roast from Kiky.

"We have an extraordinary guest! A governor, a great leader. Applause, Mr. Ahok!" Kikki said.

The comedy we need
Cebong-kampret is a polarization that is formed and maintained, according to the sociologist at the State University of Jakarta, Achmad Siswanto, when contacted by VOI, Thursday, November 11.
"In today's technology era, everything has a social process. It can't be seen that it happens automatically. There is a social process. The cebong-kampret is a public consumption. Of course there is a social process behind it, right. Through buzzers or various existing institutions. Strengthening it continue to be built. It is maintained, the basis of which is cynicism," said Achmad Siswanto.
"Cynicism" is the key word to answer why this tadpole-campus social division is so lasting even though it is clearly irrelevant. Search on Google, the name of the Minister of Defense is also the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy.
Cynicism has a basic nature as an eroder of rationality and logical thoughts. Cynicism is also what makes this tadpole-campus polarization trash. Even though we may accept this division as long as it is lived through a battle of ideas or ideas.
Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto and President Joko Widodo (Instagram/@prabowosubianto)

"I saw the social division of the identity of the tadpole and the kampret occurred in 2014, which has continued to this day. What is interesting is that he is only at the identity level. That the tadpole is often associated with the choice of the president, Mr. Jokowi. ."

"What hasn't been seen is actually an idea. The idea, which is raised in the symbolization of the cebong-kampret. So this is still just a label. And this is unfortunate because it has not shown the battle of ideas," Siswanto.

And Kiky's comedic alignment is what we need in this kind of social situation. Kiky's alignment with context teaches us to be more objective in looking at the political climate. All about what, why, how. Forget who.

"Kiky is training the public how criticism, critical reasoning, constructive questions are built through light spectacles. It's trivial. We are invited to think."

"This means that the public also misses comedians at the level of Dono, Kasino, Indro. Indeed, they are born from academics. They are born from discussions. The comedy that is displayed is the result of long discussions. In-depth reading of literature but delivered in light language.

"Laugh before it's forbidden to laugh."

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