Someone Has Been Arrested, Police Ask Demo Participants To Reject PPKM 'Jokowi End Game' Disband
Illustrations (Irfan Meidianto / VOI)


JAKARTA - The Head of Ops Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya AKBP Karosekali asked every citizen who will take part in today's action to disperse because currently Emergency PPKM or PPKM Level 4 is still ongoing.

This is because a number of people have been arrested for allegedly participating in a demonstration against the PPKM entitled "Jokowi End Game" in the Monas area today.

"As we know, we are still in the emergency PPKM mass. We are not allowed to carry out actions or crowds like that. So, we will immediately urge everyone who will carry out an action here to disperse," Karosekali told reporters, Saturday, July 24.

Karosekali said that his party had closed the traffic flow from the HI roundabout to the Merdeka Palace area. Insulation will be carried out using a barrier and MCB. The partition will also be carried out in front of the Pertamina Office and in the Harmoni area.

"We closed the flow from the HI Roundabout to the Palace, we blocked the MCB and barriers. Then in front of Pertamina we also blocked the MCB and barriers, as well as in Harmoni," he explained.

Not only that, the partition will also be tightened for people who have no interest in crossing the road. However, this is situational.

"We will tighten the isolation points if there are people who are not interested or just want to go for a walk," he said.

Previously, the police arrested 6 people around Monas, Jakarta, ahead of a demonstration entitled Jokowi End Game, which is planned to be held today, Saturday, July 24. "Several people have been arrested. The investigation is still under investigation as to what their role is," Karo Ops Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Pol Marsudianto.

He added that when the police found evidence that indicated they were going to carry out this demonstration, a suspect was immediately identified. Marsudianto explained that this demonstration did not give an official notification to the police, and if it did, it would be contrary to government policies related to Emergency PPKM. "The invitations, of course, have an impact, right, they are against government policies related to Emergency PPKM that people should stay at home, guarding the process so that transmission does not occur," he said. No prohibited items were found that were arrested. "There were students who were arrested, there were also civilians," he said.

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