Rabies Dog Bite Victims On Timor Island NTT Increase, Total 139 People
Officers cleaned the leg which was injured by a rabies dog bite. BETWEEN


TTS - The Animal Husbandry and Animal Health Service of South Central Timor Regency (TTS), East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Province reported that the number of residents who were bitten by rabies dogs in the district reached 139 people. "Now one person with rabies symptoms is being treated at the hospital for intensive care," said Head of the TTS Animal Husbandry and Animal Health Service Dinar Atti from So'e, the capital of TTS Regency, Antara, Sunday, June 4. He said that the number of victims who were bitten by rabies dogs in the district continued to increase even though the regent had issued an extraordinary rabies incident (KLB) status in the area. Data on 139 people who were bitten by the rabies dog was updated as of last Saturday. Meanwhile, for Sunday (4/6) data collection is still being collected. He detailed that of the total 139 victims of the rabies dog bite, apart from one person who was treated intensively at the hospital, 18 others were declared to be typical of rabies, while the rest were declared as asymptomatic. "Meanwhile, 121 other victims after the examination have not been found any symptoms in the form of rabies bites, because the bite period has not been long," he added. Furthermore, he said hundreds of residents who were bitten by rabies dogs were spread across 12 sub-districts from 32 sub-districts in TTS and spread across 43 villages. Responding to the increasing number of people being bitten by rabies dogs, the Head of the Kupang Class I Agricultural Quarantine Center, Yulius Umbu H, invited all parties to join hands in making serious efforts to collaborate with local and central governments to control the rabies outbreak, especially in the epicenter of the Flores and TTS outbreaks. "The government's task is not only limited to meetings, zoom-zooms, appeals, making letters and others, but real action is needed, let's be escorted if necessary," he added. He said the governor of NTT Vector B Laiskodat had issued an appeal letter, as had the Regent of TTS issued a KLB statement. "During the KLB period, the number of bite cases continued to increase, the sub-districts and villages that were infected were also increasingly widespread," he added.

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