Jaz Releases New Siingle With You, Setia With The Song Theme Kasmaran
Jaz (ist)


JAKARTA - Jaz is again working with Kaleb J for his new singleter, Bersamamu on Friday, June 9. Although he did not take part in writing lyrics or melodies, this soloist who was born in Brunei Darussalam admitted that he immediately fell in love for the first time when he heard his demonstration given by A&R Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia, Keke Kananta.

"I got this demo with you from the A&R team last year, together with Move on Tutorial. When I heard the music, I immediately fell in love because there was a nuance of love here like my songs in Synergy," Jay said in a release received by VOI, Saturday, June 10.

Carrying the same vibe as his first album, Jaz revealed that there was no significant change in the Joint single, either in terms of genre or musical instrument experiments. Even so, he said he was happy because he could return to present songs that were familiar to his fans when starting his musical career in Indonesia.

"Incidentally, after releasing several singles, many of my listeners asked when I would make songs that presented the nuances of love or falling in love again. That wish was finally realized through this single, I hope you like it," he said.

For Jaz, his single in 2023 presents an interesting message, namely "grateful". "As I feel, this is a love song that illustrates that we must be grateful and feel lucky because someone who has been given a very meaningful meaning in our lives," he explained.

Of course, like the previous songs, Jaz hopes that Bersamamu can be accepted by the Indonesian people and can be a 'friend' for anyone who listens.

"In addition, hopefully the message in this song can reach the ears of the listeners and make us grateful for everything we have now," he explained.

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