When The Marijuana Culture Among Hackers Makes It Difficult For The FBI To Recruit Them
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JAKARTA - The cannabis culture in the United States (US) has an impact on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The FBI is said to be having a hard time recruiting reliable hackers because most of them are marijuana users.

Become a tech whiz with the tradition of smoking marijuana. The Silicon Valley episodes seem to be adapted from real culture. What does that have to do with FBI recruitment?

Hacking is an in-demand skill, especially in the age of digital privacy. These skills can lead someone into the top companies, which of course will ignore the habit of marijuana.

But not for the FBI, which requires its recruits not to use marijuana for the past three years. This is a dilemma as the FBI says today they need more hacker talent than ever before.

Quoted by the NY Daily News, the policy has long been applied. Even in the law it is called a 'waiting period' which is three years to ten years when someone is proven to have used cocaine or ecstasy.

Hackers need

The FBI, is faced with the choice of reforming this policy or not. The US has legalized marijuana in eight states plus the District of Columbia. For medical marijuana, legalization is established in 30 states plus DC.

This policy does not harm hackers. In fact, many analysts see this policy as potentially endangering domestic cyber security.

In 2014, FBI Director James Comey briefly highlighted this policy. "They have to go ahead and apply," he said, commenting on the obstacles the FBI had in recruiting marijuana hackers, the BBC wrote.

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