Guide To Cleaning Your YouTube Of Useless Content
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We have seen the breadth of exposure to pranks in life through "Two Enemies Political Prank". Now, we are entering the final article of the VOI Writing Series, "Prank! Prang! Prong!". Seeing the extent of prank exposure, it seems necessary to know how to protect ourselves from exposure to unwanted content on our YouTube platform.

Youtube is the largest free video sharing site in the world. Every day, millions of videos are uploaded, followed by billions of people who spend time watching them every hour. There are also many kinds of Youtube videos, including silly content such as misguided pranks in it.

On YouTube Indonesia, online motorcycle taxi cancel prank or wik-wik jokes went viral. Such content has even succeeded in increasing the number of viewers and visitors to the producing channels.

It didn't take long, until creators who still had a small number of viewers or other YouTube viewers copied the idea. As a result, prank content has returned to the top of Indonesia's YouTube trending in the last few weeks.

Like it or not, Youtube will also share video content with millions of users, until finally one or two prank video content will appear on the homepage of your Youtube account.

We have a way to keep your Youtube homepage clean from such content. As a result Youtube will not recommend these videos on your home page.

Here's how:

- The first thing to do, is not to be curious or curious by clicking and watching the video. Even if the prank content is made by YouTubers who you follow or subscribe to.

- Next, you can click on the three dots next to the video title with prank content. Then you can select the 'not intrested' panel or in Indonesian, not interested.

- Instantly Youtube will delete the channel or channel from your home page. Tell me the reason why you don't like the video content, then Youtube will no longer display similar content from other channels.

- You can also choose 'don't recommend this channel' or in English 'do not recommend this channel'. Later on, Youtube will no longer recommend these channels and videos.

- The last option, you can choose another country zone to appear on your Youtube homepage. You can choose this method if you are bored with trending videos in Indonesia.

These methods can be done so that your Youtube homepage is clean, from unqualified content such as pranks.

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