These 5 Interesting Guitar Apps For Beginners And Professionals
There are many great guitar apps available for beginner guitarists. (photo: doc. unsplash)

JAKARTA - Currently learning guitar no longer requires physical contact due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. You just need to download the guitar learning application on your smartphone easily.

Interestingly, you can download the application for free on the Play Store or App Store. Of course you can learn guitar without spending a lot of money.

There are many amazing guitar apps available for beginner guitarists, from the best guitar lessons to guitar apps that every professional guitarist should have. Here's a list of guitar apps that you must have.

  1. GuitarTuna

Before you start playing the guitar, it's a good idea to tune the guitar first. By tuning the guitar you will gain a deeper familiarity with the tone.

GuitarTuna is one of the best guitar apps out there that shows you how to tune your guitar. By default, it's set to automatic, so you can start tuning by simply turning it on and playing each guitar string in turn.

The app also comes with mini-games to help you learn and recognize chords. GuitarTuna is free to download, although some of its features require payment.

  1. Yousician

Developed by the company that also produces the GuitarTuna app, Yousician is a comprehensive guitar course on your smartphone. It comes with over 1,500 exercises, lessons and games for you to hone your guitar skills.

Yousician also provides thousands of popular songs to play along and get reviews. In fact, this app will teach you music theory and how to read musical notation, making it a very complete music learning app. But this app is subscription based around 20 US dollars.

  1. BandLab

An app available for both iOS and Android, it's a great way for both novice guitarists and more experienced hands to record and work on songs.

At first, the app lets you record guitars into the app, but once you're done, you can use the multi-track function to add additional instrumentation. It includes pre-recorded instruments from the many sound packs it offers, allowing you to make up for the fact that you don't have a synthesizer and sampler other than a guitar. Another welcome addition is its social networking feature, which lets you collaborate on music with other people.

  1. Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs

If you want to learn some songs and play them on your guitar, the Ultimate Guitar app is a great choice and you can download it for free. This app gives you access to more than 1.6 million tabs for a wide variety of songs. Tabs provide a simple way to notate music, so it's a really easy way for beginners to learn a song.

In addition, the Ultimate Guitar app also includes the ability to play around 7,000 songs, which are accompanied by backing tracks and timely lyrics. Unfortunately, this feature is locked and if you want to unlock it you need a subscription of US$6 per month, while a small number of guitar lessons can be unlocked for US$1 each.

  1. Justin Guitar Beginner Lessons

Justin Sandercoe the owner of this app is quite famous on the YouTube platform, but now he's making his own app that you can download on iOS and Android. Justin Guitar is ideal for beginners, as it offers step-by-step lessons that cover everything from basic chords and fingerpicking to learning scales and entire songs.

While most of the lessons are effectively learning the game without an instructor, 50 of them are video tutorials provided by Sandercoe himself, adding a slick personal touch that some guitar apps don't have.

The app includes more than 1,000 popular songs to learn, while it also includes a self-assessment system to help you monitor how well you are progressing. This is quoted from Digital Trends, Tuesday, October 26.


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