Scientists Find Bat Facts Can Be Closed Like Death Metal Singers
Research on finding bats will use techniques similar to those used by death metal singers. (photo: dock. unsplash)

JAKARTA - A recent study found bats would use techniques similar to those used by death metal singers, to produce some notes within their vast volcal range.

Scientists at the University of Southern Denmark are investigating the speech-making technique of the Daubenton bats, a small species of winged mammals found in Europe and Asia.

They wanted to find out more deeply what actually happened to bat lattices when it produced sounds to expand their vocal range.

"We identified for the first time what physical structure in the oscillating larang to create a different vocalization," said University of Southern Denmark biologist Coen Elemans.

vocal communication is essential for bats, they are known to use higher sound to navigate their environment and find prey in a process known as ecolocation. These animals also use sound to communicate with each other at low frequencies.

Launching CNN International, Thursday, December 1, to learn how the bat's body can produce sound, scientists put eight adult specimens of the wild-captured Dauben bats and eject their runoffs.

Then, they put up five runs in an experimental setup designed to reproduce the vocalization dynamics, and implement airflows to generate sound.

All of this is documented with 250,000 frames per second while implementing airflows to mimic natural breathing. Machine learning is also used to reconstruct vocal membrane movements that are obscured by other lattice structures.

They found a vibrating sound band at frequencies between 10 and 95 kilohertzs. This is a range consistent with ecolocation rhythms. The highest call was made using a micrometer-thin vocal membrane, a structure at the end of the vocal folds that was most likely owned by primate ancestors, but disappeared while being human.

The study, published in the journal PLOS Biology, shows that to make their low-pitched and Migrant calls, bats use structures in their throat similar to those used by death metal singer Amnesia.

It's called a pseudo fold of ventricles, or vocal folds, and bats appear to use it to produce sounds between 1 and 5 kilohertzs, often in antagonistic situations. This call seems to be used to issue challenges or alerts to other bats.

"We are seeing a lot of adaptations in the larang, which we think are responsible for the ability of bats to make very high frequency calls very quickly, so they can catch insects while flying," said Jonas Hakansson, principal investigator at the University Southern Denmark.

However, the lowest frequency between 1 and 3 kilohertzs, shaking the folds of the ventricle. Scientists concluded, most likely involved in the low anger emitted by bats.

Scientists still don't know what bats actually communicate when they use anger like death metal singers.

"Some seem aggressive, some may be irritated expressions, and some may have very different functions," said University of Southern Denmark co-author and biologist Lasse Jakobsen.

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