Pope Francis Meets Tim Cook, Many Criticisms Arose For Advocating Limiting The Use Of Mobile Phones
Pope Francis teaches people to limit the use of cellphones. (photo: twitter @pontifex)

JAKARTA – The supreme leader of Catholics in the world, Pope Francis, has often taught people to limit the use of cellphones and that people must also prioritize personal communication. But that attitude was a bit different when he gave Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook a private audience on Monday, October 3rd.

Cook, head of the $2.4 trillion company whose iPhone products have revolutionized personal communication, is on the pope's daily audience list. As usual, the Vatican did not reveal what was discussed during the private conversation.

The 85-year-old pope has had a mixed relationship with cell phones. Last year, he interrupted a public hearing when an aide handed him a cell phone and received an emergency call from a senior Vatican official.

He often patiently allows people to take selfies with him. But he also regularly warns people against becoming slaves to cell phones and other forms of technology.

"Free yourself from cell phone addiction," he told young people in 2019, as quoted by Reuters. "When you become a slave to your cell phone, you lose your freedom."

On another occasion, he said it is very sad that people use their cell phones at the dinner table or while attending Mass. However, his meeting with Cook, who has long declared himself a gay lover, actually created this controversy.

The pope has been criticized by critics as inconsistent with his call for cell phones for human life.

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