Sea Of Stars Title Release Ensures Delay Until 2023
Sea of Stars release until next year (photo: Steam)

JAKARTA - It's been more than two years since the indie game development team Sabotage Studio announced it would release Sea of ​​Stars, a classic turn-based RPG that's similar to the previous game, The Messenger.

At the time, Sabotage promised that Sea of ​​Stars would be a modernized RPG in terms of combat, narrative, exploration, and interaction.

Then, on the Kickstarter page it says that Sea of ​​Stars is expected to release in March 2022. But apparently, players will have to wait a little longer, because recently the developer made an announcement on Twitter.

Sabotage studio said that as they approached the release milestone, they should postpone the release of Sea of ​​Stars until next year.

"With our two main priorities in mind quality of life for our team and the quality of the completed games we can now confirm that Sea of ​​Stars will be released in 2023," the announcement read.

However, the developer is aware that many of his fans are still waiting for the release of Sea of ​​Stars until now.

"Understanding that waiting is a huge request, and we would like to sincerely thank our community for the great support and positive vibes. In the meantime, we are looking into options to get a playable piece for everyone this year."

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