University Of Oregon X Division Avenue: Launch NFT Collection To Help Oregon Geese Women's Athlete Club
University of Oregon and Division Avenue jointly launch NFT (photo: Kewanee Star Courier)

JAKARTA – There are many things that can be done with cryptocurrencies and NFT, not only making transactions, collecting items, conducting auctions and so on, apart from that, someone can use their assets to help charity movements. This has now been done a lot. One of them is the University of Oregon, which launched the NFT collection and the proceeds from the sale will be used to help students. Today, universities use their expertise to help students raise money.

The University of Oregon partnered with Division Avenue, a sports business company that created a promotional app to maximize alternative income for athletes and students at the University of Oregon. Recently, they announced the release of their NFT collection which is being used to help female athletes from the Oregon Geese club.

The NFT collection was co-designed by Oregon Geese basketball players such as Sedona Prince, illustrator and graphic designer Lili Tae, and student and athlete, Brianna Chacon. In addition, there are also other names such as Jadyn Mays, Harper McClain, Terra McGowan, Blessyn McMurris, Allison Mulville, Gloria Mutiri, and Alyssa Wright. The NFT collection is called Imaginative and Prescient of Flight and will feature twelve different NFTs whose ideas are mostly based on the athletes themselves.

In this meeting, Tae presented several feature sets to a group of athletes to choose from at their own pace. With specific personality data per athlete, Tae will design one NFT for each of them and use it to create a character that fits his personality.

According to a report by NFT News, at a press conference, Division Avenue CEO Rosemary St. Clair commented on the importance of this, noting that on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Education Reforms, they were fascinated by two women from the University of Oregon, Sabrina Lonescu and Sedone Prince. They consistently use their rights and continue to try to change the views and stereotypes of sports activities carried out by women.

Visions of Flight allows the opinions of female student-athletes to be heard by Lili Tae in the creative design of the NFT that will be made. Lili Tae is also a pioneer in the arts. This collaboration in the Web3 environment will certainly be beneficial for the next generation and female students.

This kind of cooperation still upholds humanism in which each individual tries to help each other and respect each other. NFT is an innovative way and a way out for the common good.


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