Apple Music Live Service Debuts Concert With Show Harry Styles
Apple Music, hosted Harry Style concert streaming. (photo: doc. Apple)

JAKARTA - Tech giant Apple began livestreaming concerts from major artists this week, as a new upgrade to its Music service. Starting with the Harry Styles concert, subscribers in 167 countries will be able to watch the live music at no additional cost on 20 May.

"Apple Music Live is a way of giving the biggest stars in platform music the opportunity to showcase how they connect with their audiences and how their songs translate to live performances," Apple said.

Styles' concert will take place at the UBS Arena on Long Island, New York, United States (US), entitled "One Night Only in New York," will be available to stream at 9 p.m. ET this coming Friday.

This concert also welcomed the release of Styles' third album, Harry's House, which came out on the same day. Beyond just a concert, the event also includes an interview with Styles about the making of the album, a link for users to add Harry's House to their library, and many playlists focused on the artist.

This seems like a smart way for artists to promote their new songs or albums and give people an idea of what their live concert will be like, maybe to sell more tickets.

Of course it will also help Apple Music to persuade fans of the artist to sign up for the service.

The idea of this live concert is not only owned by Apple, first there is YouTube which has also been broadcasting performances from Coachella for the past few years.

Likewise with Hulu, which recently signed deals to stream music festivals Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, and Austin City Limits this year and next.

Apple has some experience in live streaming concerts as well. In 2007, the company started running the iTunes Festival (later known as the Apple Music Festival) in the UK before expanding to the US in 2014. However, Apple later announced in 2017 that the festival had ended.

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