First Day Of PUBG Mobile Number Solo SEA Games 2021 Begins, Indonesia Fails To Win 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner'
Indonesian National Team PUBGM Solo failed to win (photo: YouTube screenshot PUBG Mobile ID)

JAKARTA - The Esports branch of PUBG Mobile at the SEA Games 2021 which will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam starting Monday, May 16.

On the first day of PUBG Mobile, the Solo number was attended by nine countries, namely Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand.

A total of 51 players competed in 5 matches. The first match is made on the Erangel map, the second match is on the Miramar map, then returns to the Erangel map again in the third match.

In the fourth match, the athletes played on the Sanhok map. And the match on the first day of PUBG Mobile with Solo number ended on the Miramar map.

Unfortunately, from the five matches that took place, Indonesia was not able to get the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (WWDC). The Solo number PUBGM national team has also not been able to enter the top five in each match.

The following is a list of athletes who managed to get WWCD on the first day of PUBG Mobile Solo on Monday, May 16.

Match 1: Thailand 2 Stonedd with total Elim 7 Match 2: Vietnam 1 Franky with total Elim 4 Match 3: Laos 2 Porza with total Elim 2 Match 4: Malaysia 1 Jumper with total Elim 4 Match 5: Thailand 2 GodTunny with total Elim 3

From the Overall Standing results, Thailand 2 GodTunny took first place with a total of 66 points, namely, a combination of 11 Elim points and 55 Rank points. GodTunny also managed to get one win in the fifth match.

Followed by Laos 2 Honda which has 54 total points from 11 Elim points, and 43 Rank points. In third place is Laos 2 Porza with 54 total points from 7 Elim points and 56 Rank points.

Meanwhile, all Indonesian national team athletes are in the order of ten and below. The following is the order of Indonesian athletes based on Overall Standing on the first day.

#12. Indonesia1 RedFace

Elim: 9 Rank points: 30 Total points: 39

#15. Indonesia1 Alan

Elim: 3 Rank points: 34 Total points: 37

#19. indonesia2 Jayden

Elim: 3 Rank points: 28 Total points: 31

#42. indonesia1 Potato

Elim: 1 Rank points: 12 Total points: 13

#48. indonesia1 Luxxy

Elim: 2 Rank points: 11 Total points: 13

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