RightForge Becomes A Host For TRUTH Social, Provides A Server That Accommodates 75 Million Users
Donald Trump, preparations for launching TRUTH Social are getting better. (photo: doc. unsplash)

JAKARTA— Internet infrastructure company RightForge will host the new social media platform of former US President Donald Trump. This was confirmed by the Chief Executive Officer of the hosting company, Martin Avila to Axios.

Trump himself plans to launch his own social media app, TRUTH Social, which he says will "fight the dominance of Big Tech" companies like Twitter and Facebook have banned him from their platforms.

RightForge, which provides services such as web hosting and runs a network of servers, says it offers a platform where legal content is "safe from censorship" and "made for free speech and freedom of the press."

Avila told Axios on Monday, October 25 that their company is laying the groundwork in preparation for the more than 75 million users who are on the social media network and will have servers everywhere.

RightForge is building a global network in response to Trump and Parler's de-platforming, and the Trump team approached the company over the summer, Avila told Axios.

TRUTH Social itself will be created through a new company formed from the merger of Trump Media and Technology Group and special acquisition company, Digital World Acquisition Corp.

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