How To Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages, Restore Photos Or Chats Easier
How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages (Makuseof)

YOGYAKARTA – Now, almost all forms of communication we do through the WhatsApp application. Starting from sending messages, phone calls, audio calls, to productive needs such as sending pictures, videos, or audio.

However, the more often we use it, the more errors or errors we encounter. Either a service error that comes from the application, due to full memory, or user error.

One of the problems that users often experience is WhatsApp messages that are accidentally deleted. If the message is not very important, of course this will not be a problem. But, otherwise, you will panic.

Below, the VOI team has prepared a tutorial on how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages. So, no need to worry or panic. Immediately run the following steps.

How to Restore Deleted Chats

Luckily, recovering deleted chats is not difficult. As long as you have activated the WhatsApp data backup feature.

However, if you disable this feature because it consumes too much battery power, please calm down. There are other ways you can do it. Here's an explanation of the steps:

Open the File Management application or File Manager on your phone Open the WhatsApp folder, then select the Databases menu Next, you will see a number of files with the prefix 'mgstore…', This is a chat data backup file created by the application To restore deleted WhatsApp chats, you need to slightly modify the name of the backup file. Select the file at the top, for example msgstore.db.crypt12 then rename it to msgstre-latest.db.crypt12 To rename, tap and hold the file for a while until a new menu appears. Select the Rename menu, then you can tap a new name like the example above. If the file on your phone has a combination of time numbers (YYYY-MM-DD) for example msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12, change it to msgstore. db.crypt12. Then, Uninstall and then reinstall your WhatsApp application. Once installed, log back in using the number you used before. Then, click restore to restore the backup file

How to Restore Deleted Photos on WA

Almost similar. But it's not really the same. To restore deleted photo or video files on WhatsApp, you can do the following steps.

For Android phone users, you can simply open the File Manager application then go to the WhatsApp folder and select the Media folder. In it, you can select a folder and then search for it manually.

As for iPhone users, your phone always creates a backup file of every saved image. You can access it via Camera Roll. So, when photos or videos are deleted, you can easily restore them.

Well, that's how to restore deleted chats on WhatsApp. Hopefully the above explanation can help you to overcome this problem.

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