Avoid Data Leaks, Startup DeBio Network Uses Safer Blockchain Technology
Blockchain technology can be used for the health sector (IoT)

JAKARTA – Technology startup Decentralized Bio Network (DeBio) utilizes blockchain technology aimed at genetic testing, bioinformatics analysis, and biomedical testing. Blockchain technology seems to be the solution to today's digital security problems. Previously, blockchain was the basis for cryptocurrencies that could record all transactions.

According to the company's official website, DeBio aims to create a worldwide network of labs, doctors and paramedical professionals to help consumers perform various medical tests, including genome and exome sampling, in their own privacy.

DeBio uses the Octopus Network Testnet blockchain technology. DeBio Network is the first appchain to connect to the Octopus network. With the presence of blockchain technology, it can provide benefits in collecting data safely.

DeBio CEO Pandu Sastrowardoyo said that the system using blockchain technology in biomedical testing and bioinformatics analysis in genetic testing presents an answer to the current problem because the system used is still centralized (centralized). Blockchain technology can record all transactions securely and no authority can change it because it is decentralized.

"When running a public blockchain node, there are thousands of server records that record all transactions, meaning that if anyone tries to fake a transaction, it will be very difficult," said Pandu at the CNBC Indonesia Tech Conference event which took place on Tuesday, September 14, 2021.

This advantage of blockchain technology is used in bioinformatics. In addition, Pandu emphasized that the privacy of genetic data should be maintained and utilized as much as possible by the owner. So it is not only used by the industry as is usually the case.

“The issue is privacy, many systems use a combination of genetic and biomedical data. In some countries, this data has been used to map a person,” said Pandu.

He also stated that blockchain, apart from being a solution for the financial system, can also be used to be a solution in the health sector as DeBio did. Pandu revealed that DeBio offers a decentralized data solution to prevent data leakage as has happened recently.

Pandu revealed that the reason for the rise of data leaks was because developers often forgot the importance of personal data security in the early stages of development. Data that is not protected by a security system that is not yet capable of data leakage often occurs.

DeBio comes with a decentralized solution, starting from its technology structure, authentication to file storage, all of which are decentralized using blockchain. All of this is done to protect user data and privacy.

"DeBio is to help the development of genetic research by creating a genetic data market that is completely anonymous, data released from the laboratory can only be accessed by the owner so that its use depends on the owner of the data," said Pandu.

Pandu also added that once user data is leaked, other people can get everything and can take advantage of the data. However, the data should be properly protected. Blockchain technology can record all transactions securely, transparently and can prevent unwanted things.

“When other people can get all the data about you when a data leak occurs, they can get everything, map it, and take advantage of it. This is what makes genetic data and personal data an important issue,” said Pandu.

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