Australian Survey Results Think Elon Musk Is The Creator Of Bitcoin
Australians think that the creator of Bitcoin is Elon Musk (News.Bitcoin)

JAKARTA – Finder, as a well-known comparison site in Australia, conducted a survey of 1,004 respondents. The survey aims to reveal the knowledge of citizens in the land of Kangaroo about crypto.

The result is that more than half of the respondents said that Elon Musk was the one who created Bitcoin (BTC). According to the survey results, the majority of Australians do not know the creator of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Instead, they think the Bitcoin maker is Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk, as summarized from The Australian page, Thursday, June 3.

Not a few respondents also did not know that the supply of Bitcoin was only limited to 21 million coins. While 44 percent of respondents think the supply of Bitcoin is not as limited as paper money.

Meanwhile, as many as 25 percent of respondents said they already have and want to buy crypto currency by the end of 2021. Even though they want to buy crypto, as many as 20 percent of them do not know how to buy it.

The survey is the result of the Finder company's collaboration with the Bitcoin trading platform through its application. Finder boss Fred Schebesta revealed that the new service will help Australians switch to crypto.

“We've removed all the hassle and with the Finder app, you can buy Bitcoins in three minutes. You register, enter your details, deposit your money, that's all,” Schebesta said.

The Founder and CEO of Finder also predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) will break 250 thousand US dollars this year. He argues that the drop in BTC prices triggered by state policies or certain figures will not last long.

“The current decline is just a short term thing. Bitcoin prices have moved because China said something, or Elon said something, or another government said something,” said the Finder boss.

As previously reported, the crypto market crashed a few weeks ago which resulted in the Bitcoin price crashing. When this news was written at 15:30 WIB, the price of BTC was at the level of IDR 555 million based on data from CoinMarketCap.

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