What Is Dogecoin? Get To Know The History Of DOGE And Its Community
History of Dogecoin and its community (Screenshot, official Dogecoin website)

JAKARTA - When Dogecoin (DOGE) was on the rise, maybe many people wondered what Dogecoin was? To get to know him further, crypto money itself is one of the cryptocurrencies that started as a meme. Nonetheless, its comic nature does not undermine Dogecoin's survival.

This coin has its own dedicated community. The Dogecoin community has shared a number of Doge incentives in recent years.

This generous attitude of the DOGE community provides a positive trend for the value of Dogecoin itself. Since Bitcoin appeared in 2009, alternative cryptocurrencies or other altcoins have emerged.

DOGE is a branch of Litecoin (LTC). Dogecoin uses the Shiba Inu dog which was once famous as a popular meme in 2013. The writing on the coin also uses the Comic Sans font.

At first, Billy Markus, who is a programmer for International Business Machines Copr (IBM), thought the plan to make Dogecoin was just a joke. However, in fact Markus had personal reasons about the coin.

Launching from Binance, Markus argued that cryptocurrency that is light (comedic in nature) will have a greater chance of attracting attention (many parties) than Bitcoin.

At the same time, Jack Palmer from technology company Adobe is interested in investing his funds in DOGE. Then Billy Markus created the website dogecoin.com.

After visiting the page, Billy Markus contacted Palmer to work together on the development of a coin that is currently popular. Dogecoin has received a positive response since it first appeared on December 6, 2013.

This crypto money immediately spread on various social media. This has pushed its market capitalization up to reach millions of US dollars.

Dogecoin community

The Dogecoin community is a community that often does charity activities such as raising funds for social problems and so on. The Dogecoin community on the Reddit r / Doogecoin platform once donated a number of DOGE to reward content creators to encourage their creativity in creating work.

This spirit of charity in the Dogecoin community continues. In 2014, they raised up to 30,000 US dollars to help a sports team in Jamaica participate in the Sochi Winter Olympics.

The Dogecoin community also continues to raise funds for social benefit. They are campaigning for Doge4Water. From this fundraising, the Dogecoin Community managed to raise US $ 30 thousand to help Kenyan residents dig wells when drought hit the country.

It did not stop there, Dogecoin fans became sponsors of NASCAR car racing for racer Josh Wise with a total fund raised of 50 thousand US dollars in DOGE crypto money. Because of this Dogecoin community, Wise has decorated his racing car with the image of the Shiba Inu dog, the symbol of DOGE.

On April 24, the Dogecoin community expressed their condolences when one of the DOGE designers died of cancer. On Reddit, they were invited to take a moment of silence over the death of the main designer named Sporklen.

Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk once posted a tweet saying that DOGE is his favorite cryptocurrency. Musk's tweets often push the price of Dogecoin even higher. This is a great joy for Dogecoin fans.

Musk's most recent tweet on April 28, "The Dogefather SNL May 8", managed to make DOGE's price rise from its normal price when other cryptocurrencies were down.

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