Teleportation Technology Exists, But It Can Only Send Data
Teleportation technology invented by scientists for data transmission (Global Euro News)

JAKARTA - Many people think that teleportation only exists in science fiction. In fact, a combined group of scientists in the world from Fermilab, AT&T, Caltech, Harvard NASA JPL, and the University of Calgary are developing teleportation technology.

However, those scientists did not move people or goods in the teleportation technology that was being developed by them. Instead, scientists are working on quantum teleportation that could lead to the creation of a very secure and fast quantum Internet.

As part of the research, the team has been able to teleport quantum information with a high degree of accuracy, capable of crossing a distance of 44 kilometers.

When the teleported information reaches the other end of the system, the information can be received with an accuracy rate of 90 percent. Scientists note that the accuracy of the data and the transfer distance is critical to building a highly functional quantum Internet.

Launching Slashgear, the team of scientists sends quantum information through a network that is sent over an extensive fiber-optic network that is almost the same as those that makeup existing internet networks.

The physicists working on the project were satisfied with the results they got. This achievement is a major achievement for building technology that can redesign global communication mechanisms.


This quantum technology uses qubits. Qubits are immeasurable particles that remain suspended under various possible conditions. The qubits are tied to one another.

Basically, the presence of technology can make two dice fold into seven dice, regardless of distance and time. Data read in other regions is the same as data read in ours. That is, there is no data change at all. At one time, the data can be read simultaneously in various locations.

Scientists sent bound qubits and were still able to use them to teleport quantum information across 44 kilometers. They say that even though this achievement is their first to be able to transmit quantum data in a very far and very accurate.

However, it would still take them a few more years to perfect and develop a city-sized quantum network. This quantum teleportation research has been carried out for many years.

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