Don't Show Vaccine Certificate To Social Media!
Example of a vaccine certificate card (doc. Ministry of Health)

JAKARTA - The COVID-19 vaccination program for the community has been started last month. Those who have been vaccinated will get a vaccination card.

This card is to contain information regarding the identity and date of vaccination. Given that it contains important identity data, people are asked not to show off or upload vaccine certificates to social media or share them carelessly.

"Regarding data privacy, people should not carelessly distribute COVID-19 vaccine certificates or vaccination tickets containing QR codes to social media", said the Minister of Communication and Informatics (Menkominfo), Johnny G. Plate, Thursday, March 4.

The reason is that the joy of participating in the national vaccination program is often found on social media and instant messaging applications. Where people upload photos and videos, accompanied by the words "I've been vaccinated today".

It is feared that the vaccination certificate card uploaded to the mass line could be misused. Given that in the COVID-19 vaccine certificate, there are three things including personal data, namely full name, population identification number (NIK), and date of birth.

"In principle, information related to health, such as information on the illness, medical history, is personal information. So, this information should not be published unnecessarily", said Johnny.

So it's a good idea, tickets or COVID-19 vaccination certificates should not be shared on social media. For the sake of data security and confidentiality, only use certificates that have followed the COVID-19 vaccination for authorized purposes, such as employee health reports at a company or when using health services or public transportation.


As is known, everyone who has been vaccinated against COVID-19 will get a certificate, a sign that he has been injected with the vaccine on a certain date. The certificate is given twice, during the first and second vaccinations.

This certificate will be given in the physical form, at the vaccination site, or digitally through the PeduliLindungi application. Residents who have been vaccinated will also receive an SMS from 119 containing a link for a digital version of the COVID-19 vaccine certificate.

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