PUBG: New State A Futuristic Game For PUBG
PUBG New State (YouTube @PUBGNewState)

JAKARTA - The Player game Unknown's Battlegrounds, or better known as PUBG, will add a new title. Named PUBG: New State, this brand-new game was developed by the PUBG Studio team named Krafton.

Many new things are offered from this battle-royale type game. In addition to fighting in a futuristic style, where players can experience future weapons, players will also fight on a new map called Troi.

It is at Troi that players can experience a battle-royale experience that is completely different from PUBG Mobile. Starting from future weapons that can be used freely, a richer battle mechanism, more vehicle choices, and many new offers that promise tense nuances.

A map measuring 8 x 8 km is certainly more than enough for players to hunt each other. Coupled with futuristic gameplay, players can get a new experience from the type of battle-royale game.

The developer has also added a game customization feature. This brand-new feature offers players the freedom to create their own weapons through customization tools. Consists of improved weapon performance, a choice of fire modes, and the addition of a grenade launcher.

In the game trailer that has been shared via the YouTube platform, we can see that there are many new things that the developer has promised. Such as more intense firefight, car chase action, and a more cinematic graphic setting.

“Ultra-realistic graphics like never before in a mobile game. Graphics that exceed the standard of mobile games with Global Illumination technology, ”wrote the developer as quoted from the Play Store page, Thursday, February 25.

Gameplay PUBG New State (YouTube @PUBGNewState)

Now, fans can pre-register via the Play Store app store. Click here if you want to pre-register the PUBG game: New State.

It's just that, to install this battle royale game, the developer sets requirements. Among other things, the device must be running Android 6.0 or later, as well as application access to the microphone and storage.

If your cellphone meets the requirements, pre-register immediately. Then, you can taste the Alpha test mode which is planned to be carried out this year.

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