Razer Router Please: Solution If Your Home WiFi Is Often Slow
Router Razer Sila (Good Gaming Shop)

JAKARTA - Razer is one of the big producers in the gaming industry. The company headquartered in the United States has a wide selection of devices to support gaming activities. Starting from the keyboard, mouse, headset, to the WiFi router.

It's no secret that gaming requires quite a lot of bandwidth, graphics, and processing power. Quoting TechCrunch, these factors will be needed even more in the future. The time when the 5G network began to be used by the wider community.

Razer is one of the manufacturers that picks up on this signal. And at the CES 2020 event, Razer introduced his homemade WiFi router, named Sila.

The manufacturer, which calls itself “for gamers, by gamers” explains that Sila is the first gaming router specifically designed to optimize 5G connections.

Port Razer Sila (Amazon)

“A high-speed internet connection device that automatically prioritizes bandwidth for gaming and streaming. And it allows users to choose devices on the network that get more or less connection quota, ”explained the company as reported by TechCrunch, Thursday, February 25.

So, what are the advantages of this WiFi router over other routers? In addition, how are the components arranged so that the company has the courage to claim this router is the best choice for gamers?

Razer Sila Specifications and Prices

The company describes Sila as a high-speed internet connection device designed especially for gamers. Please offer ultra-low latency while meeting the gaming needs of users.

This Razer product is compared to the above Razer FasTrack machine. Allows users to play games without pinging or interruptions from other services or network interruptions.

Meanwhile, the router is also equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery. So, users can get a barrier-free and slow connection anywhere and anytime.

This router uses the Qualcomm SDX55 chipset which is supported by the Hawkeye IPQ9072A. Not only a 5G connection, Sila also supports 4G LTE networks via a WiFi 802.11ax 4 × 4 connection.

Aplikasi pendukung Razer Sila (Neow)

There is a 2.5 Gbps WAN speed port, 4 11Gbps LAN ports and one USB 3.0 port. In addition, there is also a SIM card slot that can be used to connect the router to the cellular network.

The most amazing thing, users can freely adjust the router performance through the application. The company has launched a supporting application in both Android and iOS versions.

Overall, Razer Sila has a pretty stylish design with reliable performance. Indeed, for the price, the Razer Sila is priced quite high. But, if you look at the router's ability to connect with three other systems, it is certainly an attractive offer, right?

Now, Sila routers are sold freely through online shops or e-commerce. Based on the author's search, the average seller releases this sophisticated router with prices ranging from Rp. 4.7 million to Rp. 4.9 million.

Feeling that your activities are hampered because your WiFi internet connection is slow? Directly upgrade the WiFi router in your house using the Razer Sila wrote.

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