<i>Bye-Bye</i> Android, Huawei Officially Uses HarmonyOS For Its Newest Cellphones
Huawei officially uses Harmony OS (TheConversation)

JAKARTA - Huawei is finally ready to use its own operating system (OS), namely HarmonyOS. Another name for the HongmengOS operating system is ready to be embedded in the latest cellphones which will be released in April 2021

The HarmonyOS operating system was actually launched several years ago. The launch was triggered by US sanctions which resulted in the Chinese company having difficulty supplying its cellphone components.

After the US blacklisted Huawei, Huawei had difficulty interacting in the global business environment. This resulted in the interruption of the supply of the main components for producing the cellphone devices it made. On the other hand, Huawei can no longer dominate the global mobile market due to US sanctions.

The plan, Huawei will use the HarmonyOS operating system for its devices in April. Huawei has also reported that other cellphone companies can use their own operating system.

The first cellphone that will use HarmonyOS is a folding smartphone called the Mate X2, only then will other phones follow, as reported by CNBC International.

Huawei made HarmonyOS starting in 2019, when the US put Huawei on the blacklist. As a result of this policy, US companies cannot supply various main components for Huawei products.

Another impact is, Google stopped its partnership with the Chinese technology company giant. Until finally Huawei could not use various software owned by Google, such as Android OS, Maps, Play Store, and so on.

Other losses suffered by Huawei were not small. Sales of their cell phones also dropped dramatically. Huawei is no longer a technology giant that controls the world's mobile market share.

As an alternative step to revive the company, Huawei created its own operating system. The cellphone company also needs to find a supplier of chip components.

According to an observer from Canalyst, Nicole Peng said that Harmony OS has a major role in reviving the business of the Chinese technology company.

After designing its own operating system, Huawei revealed that HarmonyOS can be used for various devices. So, this operating system can not only be used for cellphones. Other devices such as TV can use HarmonyOS. Not only the operating system, but Huawei also makes its own app store like the App Gallery.

"Search integration in the App Gallery will help people find applications," said Peng.

The HarmonyOS operating system and the App Gallery are the manifestations of the rise of Huawei. Currently, the App Gallery is used by many people, with around 530 million active users.

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