Easy Ways To Permanently Delete Twitter Accounts
How to quickly deactivate a Twitter account (Tech Crunch)

JAKARTA - Many people don't know how to delete a Twitter account. Many factors cause someone to decide to deactivate their Twitter account, one of which is addiction.

Social media users can feel bored with the appearance of the platform that is just like that, moreover what is displayed on the feed is only the people they follow. On the other hand, there comes a point when the user feels bound by the cell phone. Every time, whenever and wherever he becomes addicted to continuously opening his cellphone and playing social media.

Because of addiction, some users decide to delete their social media accounts and prefer to do activities in the real world. Of course this action can help refresh the user's mind by returning to the real world. The main thing is to reduce social media addiction and play cellphones. This is considered time-consuming and makes users leave their activities in the real world.

Cara menghapus akun Twitter (9to5mac)

Users who wish to delete their account can follow the following method of deactivating their Twitter account as reported by the official Twitter page:

1. Enter the Twitter application, then press the 3 lined lines at the top left

2. After that, click Settings and Privacy or Settings and Privacy in the bottom menu

3. Select Account, then your username, cellphone and data will appear

4. Select and press the Deactivate Your Account menu located at the bottom

5. After clicking, information regarding the deactivation of the account will appear, read the information

6. Tap the Disable menu at the very bottom

7. Type the required password, then confirm to continue the deletion process by pressing the Deactivate Account menu

8. The final step to permanently delete your Twitter account is to delete the Twitter application from your phone

That's how to quickly and easily deactivate or delete a Twitter account. As additional information, if you want to permanently delete it, we recommend that you do not log into the app for 30 days. After 30 days, the account will be deleted forever.

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