What Is The Content Creator Profession And How To Become In The Era Of 4.0
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JAKARTA - Many companies and MSMEs open job opportunities to become content creators. This profession is starting to be seriously sought after and is needed by many companies. Even though ten years ago this profession did not exist.

Besides being much needed, many companies dare to pay high paying content creators. According to the Salary website, in May 2020 the average content creator income in the United States is around $ 38,006, equivalent to Rp.532 million.

However, the amount of salary depends on many things, from education, certificates, additional skills, and work experience. Unlike in Indonesia, the salary received by content creators from companies is much less than the salaries received from companies in the United States.

Such a salary can be obtained in Indonesia in one way, namely by becoming a YouTube content creator or other digital platform. YouTube will pay you if the content you create is watched a lot.

Easily, YouTubers in Indonesia get paid around IDR 7,000 per 1,000 views. If you get 1 million views, you can likely rake in as much as IDR 7,000,000. But make no mistake, these calculations are influenced by various factors.

Anyone can become a content creator as long as they have the will and skills. As a first step to undergoing the profession, you can start from knowing what a content creator actually is.

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What is Content Creator?

A content creator is a term for someone who is able to produce various content materials to be uploaded on several platforms, in the form of writing, images, videos, and even sound. Not only producing, a content creator is also responsible for the material contributions he has made to various media, including digital media.

In Indonesian, a content creator can be defined as a content creator. The types of platforms in question — as stated above — can vary, from websites, social media, YouTube, Snapchat, WordPress, and many more.

It should be remembered that content creators are not only concerned with digital platforms that are uploaded online, but also offline. Someone who can make products such as brochures, presentation media, and so on, can also be called a content creator. It's just that in the 4.0 era like now, content creators often intersect with digitization.

During its development, the definition of a content creator is getting wider. A person can be called a content creator if he is able to produce content, even if he does not have deep knowledge of technology. This means that content creators don't need to know how to edit videos, how to make brochures, and so on.

A YouTuber can be called a content creator if he is able to conceptualize and carry out an interesting video recording process and successfully transfer information to his audience.

For example, in producing the video, Atta Halilintar played quite a role as a madman roaming the streets. He is involved in content creation directly. For technical problems, Atta employs a team that has the ability to take and edit video.

You can be called a content creator if you are able to produce content, even if the quality of your video is not good. Just use your cellphone camera, record your activities while doing something that attracts the audience. Don't forget, upload it on a digital platform.

The most important thing in the content creation process is creativity, must be original, and the ability to communicate. Some of these things must be owned by content creators in order to produce content that is new and acceptable to the public.

You really don't need to have technical skills such as editing videos, editing text, and so on. However, a content creator is required to know this so that the resulting content is as desired.

A content creator can work professionally, whether bound by the company or not (freelance). They can choose one or both if they are already content creators. If you are interested in becoming a content creator, there are tips that you should follow.

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Responsibilities when Becoming a Content Creator

When you become a content creator, there are many responsibilities that you have to take on. The most important responsibility is to produce material that is entertaining, educational, and informative.

In some companies, content creators intersect with the marketing department. They are required to create content that is intended to attract new customers to be interested in the company's products. In addition, they must also share the company's products where they work.

Therefore, content creators are required to be adept at promoting company products with various forms of content, from videos to articles. To make it, content creators cannot be arbitrary. They must understand the target audience, provide education, provide valid information, they also have to adjust the content and the platform used.

Although they vary, the responsibilities of a content creator are as follows.

Creating original, creative, interesting, and communicative content Mastering the ins and outs of digital platforms Up to date Have the skills to create creative content, both technically and in concepts Content research Responsibility for the content created Bridging between the company and the market Must know the company's products or goals which represents How to Become a Content Creator

Specifically, there is actually no standard way to become a content creator. Why? Because this profession is not a technical profession. Anyone can take advantage of their talents and abilities to become a content creator.

You can depart from your hobbies that you have been working on and then share them in the form of videos. Or when you travel to an area of interest, you can take a video and explain the region you visited, then upload it on YouTube.

An elementary school teacher can also record their daily activities while teaching, or an online motorcycle taxi can upload their video recordings as long as they ride a motorcycle taxi. Everything around you can be interesting content.

Being a content creator doesn't need formal legitimacy, people around you will pin the title as a content creator after you show quality work. In order to achieve this, there are tips you can do.

• As per Passion

Everything that starts with passion will be done with joy. And whatever is done with joy, will produce maximum and quality work. This is the reason to become a content creator, try to start from a passion.

If you like traveling, try to create content related to traveling. If you feel passionate about cooking, start creating cooking content.

• Discipline and consistency

These two things are really needed by content creators, especially if you are starting a career independently or freelancing. Discipline and consistency will prove to everyone that you are really serious in your field. It is different if a content creator is arbitrary, which is certain that he will not be taken seriously in his field.

• Up To Date Themes

A content creator must have extensive knowledge in order to be able to maximize his content. In addition, they also have to be up to date on their fields. Not only related to the content, keeping up with the times is also needed in attracting potential consumers or viewers of your content.

For example, you are a content creator who works at a tourism company. As the person in charge of content, you must know where tourism is in Indonesia, what cultures are in the area. In fact, you also have to know how much the latest entrance ticket costs.

If you only know tourism places, culture, and entrance ticket prices that are not updated, the resulting content is considered stale or out of date. Because this is up to date there must be a content creator.

• Up To Date Content Style

A content creator cannot rely on an outdated content style. Technology is growing, the style of content is the same, it is constantly changing. In an increasingly sophisticated era, you have to produce content that people like. On the other hand the trends around society are constantly changing.

You have to know, the content that Generation X likes is different from Generation Z. For this reason, a content creator must read the content of its competitors in order to find the best type of content. This is related to small research.

• Original

Content creators are strictly prohibited from plagiarizing the work of other content creators. You are required to present original content. One of the ways to achieve the originality of your work is to be yourself.

Everyone is unique, and so are you. Present a content style that represents you consistently. Audiences are increasingly interested in you and watching the content you produce.

•Improve skills

Skills are one of the main provisions of being a content creator. The form of skills can be anything, such as writing skills, singing, cooking, actors, and so on. To support content improvement, you have to upgrade your skills continuously. Keep learning and never feel satisfied with the work that has been produced.

For example, you are a content writer for articles on a website. Even if you write for advertising needs, learning to write persuasive paragraphs will support the resulting content.

• Learn Communication Styles

Content creators must also have the ability to communicate, both orally and in writing, through written media, videos, dances, and graphics. You have to consider not only aesthetics, but also communication.

Learn how to communicate through your own medium. That way the goals you want to achieve will be achieved. Creating content is not only about compiling content so that it is suitable for consumption, but also must consider the communication aspect.

• Do Keyword Research

The content creator profession combines art and science. Besides beauty, you must also take into account how the algorithm of a platform is. You not only have to create interesting content for consumption, but you also have to know what content is in high demand.

One way to find out which content is in demand is to do keyword research. If you are an article content creator, this activity is no stranger. Use tools that are widely available on various platforms, both paid and free.

• Know Your Audience's Taste

If you want your audience to follow every piece of content you create, the thing to pay attention to is audience taste. You have to target which audience you will attract. Besides having to know how they taste. Knowing audience tastes will help content creators develop their content without compromising quality.


This point is not directly related to the content creator profession. But for all workers in the creative field, networking is very important. Try to build a network by getting to know fellow content creators.

You can use this network to share content ideas, discuss, and even expand other work possibilities. A good network will make your insights even more open. So don't ever feel like you can live alone.

Seeking Content Creator Jobs

When you decide to become a content creator, working independently or commonly referred to as a freelancer is a step you can take. Besides being profitable, being a freelancer will also improve your ability to process content. Not only that, there are quite a lot of content creator vacancies available specifically for freelancers.

You can visit international and local freelancer websites. For beginners, start with an Indonesian website. Some of the sites that can be tried are as follows.

• Sribulancer

This website is very familiar to freelance content creators. Sribulancer is a site that brings together freelancers and service seekers. You can find many jobs on this site which can be done remotely.

Apart from jobs as a content creator, you can find other types of jobs such as website builders, article translators, design, and other jobs in the creative world. Sribulancer is also very popular and trusted.

Please visit the Sribulancer website or click here.

• Indonesian freelancers

Indonesian Freelancer sites are also often the destination for freelancers to find work. This site is one of the management with freelancer websites based in Australia.

Many companies and SMEs are looking for content creators through this site. Not only that, for those of you who work in the fields of design, IT, and other creative workers, you can find additional jobs through this site.

Please visit the Indonesian Freelancer's website or click here.

• Projects

Projects are no less popular with other Indonesian freelance sites, especially for freelancers who are engaged in content creators. In addition to providing jobs with a hefty salary, Projects is also a place for buying and selling digital products such as eBooks, clothes designs, image templates, and other creative products. You can sell content through this website.

Please visit the Projects website or click here.

• Sribu

This site has a slight difference with the previous sites because it only provides jobs for content creators in the design field or graphic designer. The types of jobs that are offered are very diverse, such as creating logos, websites, mobile applications, interiors, and the like. So for those of you who are struggling in a field where video content creators are not able to find it on Sribu.

Please visit the Sribu website or click here.

• Writer Access

You can definitely guess what types of freelance are available on this site. Writer Access is a gathering place for content creators in the field of writing. Many jobs can be taken if you have writing skills such as writing articles, scientific reports, and so on.

This site also provides several tools to support content creators such as keyword optimization, content planner, and even analytics.

Please visit the Writer Access website or click here.

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