In The Future, Augmented Reality Will Replace Smartphones
Augmented Reality technology predicted to replace smartphones (The Sun)

JAKARTA - The decline in sales of smart phones during this pandemic has prompted technology companies to develop new technologies that can replace cell phones.

Tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Google are for example. The four technology companies are in a race to make devices that are more sophisticated than smartphones.

They are ambitious to present new technology that is equipped with various attractive and efficient features. A number of films have described this technology, one of which is Iron Man.

The sophisticated glasses used by Tony Stark are glasses that are capable of displaying a number of applications by utilizing an AI robot named Jarvis. This picture is very likely to materialize in reality. This is because several technology giants are developing Augmented Reality (AR) devices.

Launching Bloomberg, Apple is predicted to release an Augmented Reality device next year. However, the company did not disclose that it is developing headsets, glasses or computers that can be worn on the head.

"Apple has a track record of popularizing new technology," said Mike Boland, an analyst and founder of Artillery Intelligence.

To create state-of-the-art AR devices, Apple has teamed up with TMSC, a processor manufacturer to bring AR products in a new form.

Apart from Apple, there is Google which has launched AR glasses called Google Glass in 2013. This device is for those who are in the computer industry.

In 2020, Google again released the Google Glass device with the addition of the Augmedix application which is based on a headset camera for medical purposes.

Microsoft itself launched its AR device in 2016 called Hololens. The device is intended for those working in the medical, manufacturing and retail fields.

This device can tell the user how to operate a complex machine and can also guide the user to repair it. Microsoft is also reported to have poured funds on a large scale to develop Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies.

In addition, Facebook has also presented an AR glasses device that can retrieve video and audio data. Not only that, this device is also capable of tracking eye conditions, and also tracking location data in various places.

The boss of Facebook also mentioned the fate of smartphones, which are likely to be replaced by the emergence of new, more sophisticated devices.

"While I hope smartphones will still be our main device for most of this decade, at some point we will have a breakthrough augmented reality glasses that will redefine our relationship with technology," said Mark Zuckerberg.

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