US Sanctions Effect, Huawei Switches To Mining And Pig Farming Businesses
Huawei Illustration (Phonearena)

JAKARTA - When the US was led by Donald Trump, Huawei was blacklisted for being accused of espionage. Huawei has denied these allegations several times, but until now the US has not blacklisted the name of the technology giant from China from its blacklist.

After Huawei's movements were restricted in the global business environment. The company has difficulty getting supplies of chips and various other components for the production of its smartphones. Not long ago, Huawei was reportedly eyeing business opportunities in other fields not related to cell phones.

Huawei is trying to get into the mining and hog farming business so it can earn income from other sources. Huawei's actions are in the aftermath of US sanctions during the Trump administration. At that time, the US accused Huawei of being a technology company that threatened the US security system.

Not only that, but the US also accused Huawei of sending information about its product users to the Xi Jinping government. Although Huawei has denied these allegations, the US has not changed its stance.

The US-issued sanctions have made it difficult for Huawei to procure components. Huawei cellphone sales also fell sharply by around 42 percent at the end of 2020.

Not only has smartphone production decreased, but Huawei has also had difficulty expanding the reach of the 5G network it is developing. Several countries, one of which is Britain, refuse to use Huawei's 5G network for fear of disrupting the stability of national defense.

As a result, the company is trying to find a number of ways to use the technology as a result. So Huawei decided to use its AI technology for the coal mining business and the pig farming business.

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