Zuckerberg Reveals Reasons For Implementing WhatsApp's New Privacy Policy
Mark Zuckerberg (Cnet)

JAKARTA - After the news of WhatsApp's controversial new privacy policy some time ago, Mark Zuckerberg finally spoke up. The Facebook CEO said that the changes do not diminish the privacy of its users' messages.

Previously, the new privacy policy launched by WhatsApp triggered anxiety among its users regarding their own data. Through this regulation, WhatsApp will share data with its parent company, namely Facebook.

This "pushy" policy made users consider switching to other messaging applications, such as Telegram and Signal. Because WhatsApp only directs users to agree to share their data with Facebook. If you do not agree, users are advised to delete the account or uninstall the application from their cellphone.

In the 4th quarter 2020 financial report, Zuckerberg explained that Facebook postponed the application of its new privacy policy to May 15, 2021. Previously it would be implemented on February 8, 2021.

"All messages are protected by end-to-end encryption, which means we can't see or hear what you say and we will never do that unless the person you send the message to choose to share it", said Zuckerberg as quoted by Business Standard, Monday, February 1st.

The Facebook founder revealed the reasons why the company issued the new policy. He revealed that the company is currently building a new feature for transactions.

"We are building new features to make it easier to make a business transaction within the application", added Zuckerberg. "We are building tools to allow businesses to store and manage their WhatsApp chats using Facebook's secure hosting infrastructure if they wish and we are in the process of updating WhatsApp's privacy policy on services to reflect this optional experience".

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