Lick Your Own Spit, The Samsung Galaxy S21 Is Sold Without A Charger
Samsung Galaxy S21 sales box (twitter @evanblass)

JAKARTA - Yes, like an expression of their own saliva, Samsung finally sold the Galaxy S21 series without a charger. This means that buyers will only get a USB Type C cellphone and cable in the Galaxy S21 sales package.

This also answers the previous rumors circulating on the internet. If the sales box for the Galaxy S21 series will be more minimalist, without a charger or earphone adapter.

This can be seen from the slimmer size of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series packaging box. Given that accessories such as charger adapters and earphones are no longer included in the contents of the sales box.

Samsung's decision to remove the charger and earphone adapter from the Galaxy S21 box follows Apple's steps to sell the iPhone 12 without these accessories in September last year. This South Korean manufacturer also mocked Apple on social media.

Although, Samsung has removed their satirical video upload. But their clear digital traces of mocking Apple can still be found on the internet.

Samsung's upload when quipped on Apple

The reasons for Samsung chose not to include a charger adapter in the sales package for the Galaxy S21 series. Because they want to change the lifestyle of its users to be more environmentally friendly.

Moreover, Samsung assessed that many Galaxy smartphone users still use the old charger adapter they had previously owned. There are also users who prefer wireless chargers to charge.

Samsung's decision to follow Apple's steps not to include a charger adapter in the contents of the sales box for its newest cellphone. Indirectly forcing consumers to buy accessories separately.

Both the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra are offered in several variants based on RAM capacity and internal memory. The official price starts at IDR 12,999,000 for the Galaxy S21 8/128 GB to IDR 21,999,000 for the Galaxy S21 Ultra 16 GB / 512 GB.

Pre-orders can also be made on the official website, for the Galaxy S21 Plus and S21 Ultra. In Indonesia, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series has passed the TKDN (Domestic Content Level) from the Ministry of Industry on 16 December.

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