Google Will Add Shopping Features To YouTube Videos
Platform YouTube (Photo by Nordwood Themes on Unsplash)

JAKARTA - Until now, YouTube has received revenue from each ad view, YouTube Premium (which is said to remove ads), and memberships for certain channels. And now, the company is adding a shopping function to the list.

Based on the announcement that the company shared via its YouTube Support page, the company is developing a new method for users to shop on the streaming platform. It is known that companies ask some creator content to add certain products to their videos.

"We are currently testing new methods to make it easier for users to find and buy products via video. Video makers involved in this project can add certain products to their videos, ”wrote YouTube via a description on its support page, Thursday, January 14.

Later, users can also view, get related information, and make purchases via the link provided. However, this trial is only available for Android, iOS, and desktop versions of YouTube users in the United States (US).

It's Leaked First

Actually this is not new news from the company. Previously, Bloomberg had reported in October 2020 regarding YouTube's move that asked several creators to tag and track every product that appeared on the video using Google's shopping and analysis tools.

At that time, Bloomberg reported that the ultimate goal of the trial was the sale of Google products via YouTube, not advertising other products. In fact, a YouTube spokesperson also confirmed the company's testing of the channel's new functionality - but declined to share further details.

Indeed, now we cannot see this feature. And apparently, the implementation will be based on Google Shopping, which is already integrated directly with the Google search engine.

Through Google Shooping, users can get product data from various retail stores, both large and small. This includes Tokopedia, Shopee, and Blibli.

However, the results have not been optimal. Wallmart is known to have withdrawn its data for 2019. While several other stores are still missing from the list.

So, the deep integration with YouTube, as well as the purchases that can be made in the video, will probably give more shop owners a reason to get involved in the program.

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