There Is A Bug In Pixel 4A 5G, Google: Fix It Soon
Google Pixel 4A 5G (9to5google)

JAKARTA - Many Google Pixel 4A 5G users have reported problems with the touch screen after updating the security version last December. According to the author's search, many users have complained about the failure of the touch screen to respond to touches at the bottom of the screen.

For users who activate gesture-based navigation, this problem is certainly not really heeded. It's another matter for users who still rely on the three navigation buttons located at the bottom.

Based on a video shared by XDA forum users, we can see if the bottom screen reacts pretty well to horizontal swipes and touches that approach the edges of the screen. Unfortunately, the input section on the right is often missing.

Apart from that, there is also a type of error where the specifiers at the edges don't work as intended. Even though the middle screen is functioning normally. In conclusion, there are several types of errors experienced by users.

Google response

Report after report is submitted by users via various virtual forums. Starting from the Google support forum, Google IssueTracker, to the XDA-Developers forum. And after several weeks of waiting, the company finally spoke up.

Through the Pixel support forum, Google explained that it will provide a fix for the bug in the next software update. It's just that, it seems the user still has to wait a while.

According to the Android Police report, the Google Pixel security update in January did not include these fixes. Meanwhile, Google recommends that users carry out instructions given by the company to temporarily deal with screen navigation.

First, when tapping the icon located on the edge, also tap the button or icon located across from the location of the application you want to open. For example, if the application is located on the right side, then you can tap the application or an empty section located on the left side.

Second, when tapping any icon, including the navigation key, use your fingertip or thumb. This is done to improve touch recognition on the screen.

Yes, not an easy task to be done continuously. Therefore, we hope that this problem can be overcome by the company soon.

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