Gojek Electric Vehicle Wants To Pave This Year
Illustrious driver illustration (Angga Nugraha / VOI)

JAKARTA - Gojek has begun testing its electric vehicles to be able to pave in big cities in Indonesia. This step is taken as the company's commitment to reduce carbon emissions from public transportation by 2021.

"We focus on driving to do for the environment, and in our opinion this will reduce operational costs. This year the target is to get commercial," said Gojek Group Chief Transport Officer Raditya Wibowo during the virtual event Gojek Transport Outlook 2021, Thursday, January 14.

Raditya said that currently the trial progress had passed the battery swap system stage. Where Gojek has also collaborated with Pertamina to pilot a commercial electric motorbike in Jabodetabek.

"The battery swap that we tried, will be different from fast charging and in our opinion it is interesting, when the battery runs out it is even easier than filling up gasoline, so we are very excited about transportation that can be run with zero emission and this is also good for the environment," said Raditya.


Raditya said that the electric vehicle trial will only focus on two-wheeled vehicles first. As for the four wheels, it is still in the planning stage.

"So we focus on the two wheels first, before the four wheels. Because we want the two wheels to be lighter for use every day by the driver partners, while the four wheels, we will inform further," explained Raditya.

In addition, Gojek is also trying to encourage the Earth to be greener by conducting motor vehicle emission tests with the DKI Jakarta Regional Government. Raditya stated that 92 percent of Gojek driver partners have passed the emission test, while the rest have not.

However, Gojek will not let go, the company will still help to comply with applicable regulatory standards. "Gojek is the first player in the online transportation industry that is trusted by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to be involved in motor vehicle emission testing," said Raditya.

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