Top! Signal Becomes The Number 1 Application On The Google Play Store And App Store
Social media illustration (Image Credit: Nathan Attends / Unsplash)

JAKARTA - The Signal messaging application is growing in popularity. Especially since the issue of WhatsApp's new privacy policy which shares user data with Facebok.

Many users are bothered by WhatsApp's privacy policy. As a result, they switched to other applications that offer more privacy, such as Telegram and Signal.

Reported by Androidpolice, Signal managed to reach its highest position as the number one free application on the App Store and Google Play Store. Based on the analytics data website Apptopia, Signal has accumulated more than 1.3 million downloads globally.

While data from App Annie, WhatsApp ranking dropped from the list of popular applications in the UK and the United States (US). In the US, WhatsApp is ranked 38 in terms of number of downloads and 10 in the UK, lower than usual.

Signal app tops the list (doc. Androidpolice)

However, WhatsApp is still quite strong as a popular messaging service. The current controversy is not enough to shake the WhatsApp platform significantly.

"Changes in messaging and social networking applications are not unusual, because basically the nature of social media applications will involve communicating with other people. So their development can often move quite quickly, based on current events," said Amir Ghodrati, director of market insights at App Annie's app analytics company, in a statement, Thursday, January 14.

He added that users consistently spent more time on messaging apps than on social media apps, averaging 67 percent more time in Semester 1 2020.

"Messaging applications that provide privacy features experienced the largest engagement growth in Semester 1 2020. This application recorded an average of 30 percent more active users than the alternative," he said.

The Signal app itself, offers encrypted messaging privacy. This also attracts the attention of many users, even this application is also recommended by people like Edward Snowden to the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk.

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