Qualcomm CPU Will Be More Powerful After The Acquisition Of NUVIA
Qualcomm (Image Credit: Dok. Qualcomm)

JAKARTA - Qualcomm products are the kitchen runway for several types of devices. These include computers, smartphones and smart cars. Now, the processors developed by the company will become more powerful after the acquisition agreement has just been concluded.

Yesterday, Wednesday, January 16, Qualcomm announced its acquisition of NUVIA, a startup that includes veterans in the industry. The deal is worth 1.4 billion United States (US) dollars. This figure excludes other adjustments and working capital.

Through an official release, the company explains that NUVIA is "a world class CPU designer team with experience in high performance processors, System on Chip (SoC), power management for computing devices and applications."

The joining of NUVIA with Qualcomm, which was already known as a manufacturer of GPU devices, DSPs, and multimedia accelerators, will provide additional power for the company to dominate the industry.

Qualcomm said that NUVIA's CPU technology will be integrated with the latest products. Among other things, being a processor on flagship smartphones, next generation laptops, digital cockpits, Advanced Driver Assistance System, Extended Reality technology, and network infrastructure solutions.

The CEO and president of Qualcomm, Cristian Amon, said that he was excited about the joining of NUVIA.

“Amazing support from fans and colleagues for the acquisition of @ nuvia.inc. Thank you for your cooperation! I can't wait to see how the NUVIA + #Snapdragon CPU can help you create superior products in the # 5G era, ”Amon wrote on his Twitter account, Wednesday, January 16.

Meanwhile, Jim Thompson, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Qualcomm, also said that the integration of NUVIA's CPU with Sandpragon will take computing performance to a higher level.

"And the emergence of products that can serve a variety of industries," tweeted Jim.

Get acquainted with NUVIA

NUVIA is a start-up company that was founded in February 2019. The company contains veterans from the CPU industry, including Gerard Williams II - better known as Apple's Head of CPU Architecture from Lightning to Bionic A13.

Other veterans included in the NUVIA team are Manu Gulati and John Bruno.

"CPU with leading performance will be of important value in determining computing innovation in the next era," said Gerard Williams, CEO of NUVIA via XDA-Developers.

Gerard explained that the combination of NUVIA and Qualcomm will bring together the best technology, resources and talent in the industry to produce a new standard of high-performance computing platforms.

Therefore, Gerard also admits that he is excited to welcome the opportunities that will arise from this merger.

Qualcomm's acquisition of NUVIA has the potential to produce a future Snapdragon with a customized CPU core that has the speed of Apple. Today, most Android smartphones and tablets have chipsets with CPUs based on the ARM Cortex IP, a micro-architectural design that ARM issued to OEMs.

It is common knowledge that Apple's CPU design is still at the forefront of the industry. The company recently released the M1 chipset, putting the PC industry at the forefront.

Conversely, the CPU performance offered by competitors such as Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2, Snapdragon 888, Exynos 2100, Kirin 900, and many more - has not been able to match Apple. Even though it has implemented the latest ARM, namely the Cortex-X1 CPU.

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