Microsoft Loop Public Preview Finally Presents, Makes It Easy For Users To Manage Projects Simultaneously
Illustration of Microsoft. (doc. Microsoft)

JAKARTA - Microsoft has finally launched Loop in a public preview, which is a productivity app by offering new ways to work across Office applications and managing tasks and projects.

The app was first announced in November 2021 and entered private preview testing at the end of 2022, providing workspace and pages where users can import and set tasks, projects, and documents.

Based on the company's Fluid Framework, Microsoft Loop is designed to remove barriers between Microsoft 365 apps, enabling app components such as tables, charts, and lists to be embedded and updated in real time on different apps, such as to Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Word on the web, and Whiteboard.

"With all the tools, documents, files, and links your team needs, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Microsoft Loop helps you set everything you need for your project into a workspace and even looks for you to start," Microsoft said in its official blog, quoted Friday, March 24.

Microsoft admits that the application is carried out to make it easier for users to collaborate and create through empty canvases on Loop pages, with initial templates designed for the joint workspace.

"Just add more workspace titles and other relevant keywords, and Microsoft Loop will suggest the most relevant parts to add to your workspace. Select which one to add and create your 'content' workspace will be set into the pages you can see easily," Microsoft said.

Users can use the / command to add labels, images, emojis, tables, and others on the Loop page. Meanwhile, shortcuts allow users to link suggested files, flag co-workers or friends.

Just like the Collaborative Word or Google Docs document, Loop previews will support up to 50 people editing the workspace at once.

The company has tested that hundreds of times to ensure Loops can scale to that type of demand, but usually it is designed for a team of two to 12 people working together on a project so the interface doesn't feel too much with many people editing at the same time.

Notifications will also come to help users track any changes on the web and mobile apps. In the future, Loop will even support Microsoft 365pilot which has just been announced.

"Copilot combines the power of next-generation AI with your Microsoft 365 app and data. Copilot in Loop gives you AI-supported advice to help change the way you're creative and collaborating. This guides you with instructions such as creating, exchanging ideas, blueprinting, and explaining," Microsoft said.

Users can download Microsoft Loop via web, or on mobile for iOS and Android devices. The current mobile app is only for Microsoft 365 work accounts, but personal account support will be coming soon.

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