Different Internet Banking And Mobile Banking, What's More Profit?
Illustration of mobile banking (photo: Unsplash/CardMapr.nl)

YOGYAKARTA - Advances in digital technology have brought developments to various sectors in life, including in banking. Internet banking services are already present, now there are digital banking services. However, some people still don't know the difference between internet banking and mobile banking.

Internet banking emerged thanks to the development of electronic communication network technology. Meanwhile, digital banking was created following the digital era. Both banking services make it easier for people to make transactions in the digital era or online. However, the two platforms have differences.

Both internet banking and mobile banking have helped users make transactions more efficiently. The transaction process can be done more practically and quickly without having to go to a bank or ATM. You can make enough transactions via a smartphone, from anywhere and anytime.

Although both function to facilitate user transactions, both have differences. Maybe there are still many users who don't understand the difference between mobile banking and internet banking. Here's the explanation:

How to Use

How to use mobile banking and internet banking is also different. To use mobile banking applications, you must first download and install the application on your cellphone. Meanwhile, when you want to access internet banking services, you must open the website.

How to Register

One of the differences in mobile banking and internet banking is the way to register. If you want to register for internet banking, you can do it through the nearest ATM machine. Just enter the debit card and pin in the ATM machine. Then select internet banking, then follow the registration guidelines.

Meanwhile, you can do mobile banking registration via cellphone. You must download the mobile banking application first. Next, you can send an SMS according to the format sent by the bank. When it is processed, you can continue registration by inputting your identity and password.

The next difference between internet banking and mobile banking is the transaction limit. Daily transactions on internet banking generally have a larger limit than mobile banking.

Limiting account mutations is the basic difference from internet banking and mobile banking. Mobile banking can offer account transfers for up to 12 months. With this feature, users don't have to bother going to a bank or ATM machine to view transaction history.

Differences in internet banking and mobile banking are also found in the services provided. Mobile banking has more features than internet banking. Moreover, the features in mobile banking greatly adjust transaction needs in the digital era. So the use of mobile banking is more profitable than internet banking.

Mobile banking has many advantages that make it easier for users to transact in the digital era. Here are a number of advantages that you will enjoy when using mobile banking.

One of the most beneficial advantages felt by mobile banking users is its practical use. Mobile banking can make everything you do more efficient.

With mobile banking, you don't need to spend time and energy going to an ATM or bank to make transactions. You can make transactions from anywhere and whenever it is enough through mobile banking that is accessed from a smartphone. Mobile banking has provided complete features to meet your needs.

Mobile banking provides more secure security than when you transact in cash. Mobile banking platform also has a safe system and you don't have to worry about.

You will get network security or access when using mobile banking. Every mobile banking account will be given a password and PIN to access the account. Make sure you maintain the confidentiality of your password and PIN.

Another advantage that you will get is the easy process of downloading and registering. You can do both processes for free, aka free of charge. You just need to provide an internet network to be able to access it.

Mobile banking is provided free of charge without a subscription fee from application usage. You don't have to worry about the cost of accessing it. Because you are only charged when making transactions related to third parties.

The many features provided in mobile banking also provide benefits for users. You can use these various features for various online transaction needs easily and quickly. For example, you can make payments via virtual numbers when shopping online or paying electricity bills only from your cellphone.

That's a review of the differences in internet banking and mobile banking that you need to understand. The use of mobile banking has now become common. Currently, many people prefer to transact using mobile banking because it is more practical and efficient.

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