Content Suitable For Renewable Youtuber 2023, Cobain Deh!
Content Suitable for Renewable Youtubers (photo: AQVIEWS - Unsplash)

YOGYAKARTA - Do you like Youtube? More than 2.5 billion people globally do it. However, this is the second most popular social media platform and search engine in the world. Let's learn content that is suitable for novice YouTubers!

In fact, from a few questions to random people, when was the last time they didn't watch YouTube videos in an hour or two after waking up, not a single one of them was able to provide a concrete answer. That's how popular the platform is.

And if you want to start your YouTube business but are confused about what should be your channel and the type of content you have to create, there's no need to look for it anymore.

Throughout this blog post, we will highlight five YouTube brilliant ideas that beginners can consider in 2023 and beyond.

Here are five favorite YouTube beginner ideas for a lot of people:

Unboxing video

People like to watch unboxing videos. Statistics from Google show that about one in every five consumers have watched at least one unboxing video. In fact, this is what YouTube Data states:

And if you are also a huge fan of unboxing videos and plan to launch your own YouTube channel, this may be the right video category for you. Again, as we said, the product you're dismantling depends on what you like and like.

It can be anything. The idea of this YouTube video requires you to invest some money because you have to buy a product to open your box. Therefore, we advise you to only discuss the idea of this YouTube video if you can invest a certain amount every month.

Vlog Video

Vlog is gold. Data taken from a report shows that more than 44% of internet users watch vlog every month. In fact, if you watch vlog every day, you already know how many people like, embrace, and follow YouTube vloggers.

So if you're planning to create a vlog, you might be wondering 'What exactly should I vlog? That's the big question raised by most of the novice YouTube vloggers.

Video Review

Any product you like, another great idea is to make video reviews about the product. Well, if you're enthusiastic about technology products, you can start reviewing the latest technology products on a regular basis. If you like beauty products, you can also review beauty products.

Before buying a product, people want to understand whether certain products they want to buy are worth their money or not. And you'll be surprised to know how many review videos and the level of engagement.

Informative Video

If you like sharing information with other people, maybe informative videos are something you need to take advantage of. This is not a clue video, but an informative educational video - but a video that focuses on sharing information and educating your viewers.

Depending on what you like to talk about and what you're good at, you can choose your own subject and create videos that help you convey relevant information to your audience.

Guideline Video

From all the content categories on YouTube, How-To videos get the most attention. If you're a software developer, you can teach other software developers how to install an IDEA or maybe how to code byspace. The likelihood is unlimited.

If you're a digital marketer, you can teach novice digital marketers how to launch campaigns or create high-quality content.

Whatever you like the most, you can start creating hint content around it, and you will definitely see the results if you do it right. However, when you do, make sure you cover videos that are really in demand.

For example, if you create a video of instructions about outdated software or anything that people are no longer looking for, then you won't get any clicks. Another good idea is to create a video of clues around social media.

So after knowing the content that is suitable for novice YouTubers, watch other interesting news on VOI, it's time to revolutionize news!

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