An Update Of 3.2.0 For Battlefield 2042 Will Be Coming Next Week
Battlefield 2042 version 3.2.0 (EA)

JAKARTA - The DIE developer and publisher Electronic Arts (EA) have revealed that the 3.2.0 update to Battlefield 2042 will be released next week.

According to an announcement shared on its official website, on the update, the CEE also detailed some major changes and improvements in the game.

One of these updates is to allow users to be able to play as an Associate, Engineer, Recon, and Support class. Classes can be adapted to weapons equipment, gadgets, and expertise.

Not only that, but the update that will be available next week also introduces a new version of the brakaway map being reworked by the developer, by refining and reducing its size, in order to encourage players to have more intense meetings.

The CEE also presents new Vault weapons to all players such as M39 EMR, MTAR-21, and PP-2000, which were previously only available on the Battlefield Portal which is accessible on All-Out Warfare after opening.

"Because it's the beginning of the new year, we also feel it's the right time to change the way we bring you a faster update note. That means you can now expect complete summary of the content and changes to the main game update to be available in the week before its release," wrote DEE.

However, DIE insists it may have a change in game updates approaching its last-minute release. However, the studio will soon confirm this as soon as possible.

"Every time we plan to update the game, sometimes there is an opportunity to change the release date in the last minute. That is, we will continue to confirm the implementation time for every update at the start of the launch week, as we did before," he added.

Meanwhile, Battlefield 2042 Season 3 which was launched last November, is currently also added to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play subscription services.

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