Airbus And Renault Partner To Develop A New Generation Of Electric Battery For Cars And Aircraft
Airbus develops batteries for airplanes with Renault. (photo: dock. Pixabay)

JAKARTA European aircraft maker Airbus announced on Wednesday, November 30 its partnership with French automaker Renault to develop a new generation of electric batteries for cars and aircraft.

According to Airbus in a statement, the engineering team of the two companies will join forces to develop technology related to energy storage, one of the main barriers to the development of long-range electric vehicles.

According to Renault, the new partnership will be the "complete" of the French automaker alliance with Nissan Japan, as the two companies are holding talks about the future of their strategic alliance which will also centre on electric vehicles.

"This complements what Nissan is doing right now," a company executive told Reuters.

This collaboration will focus on optimizing energy management and increasing battery weight while studying future battery-filled life cycles and assessing their carbon footprint.

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