Long Missing, Bjorka Back With 44 Million MyPertamina Data
Screenshot of Bjorka's breeded site (photo: Dinda Buana/VOI)

JAKARTA - Long time no news from Bjorka hacker Teguh Aprianto, a cybersecurity consultant and founder of Indonesian Ethical Hacker, was met on Thursday, November 10 saying that the hacker had restarted his action.

In this hacking action via the breeded.to site, Bjorka leaked data on 44 million MyPertamina users, which included names, emails, NIK, NPWP telephone numbers, addresses, gender, income, and others.

"Publics are forced to register on various applications, but there is no guarantee that our data will be safe. Once it guarantees, it's nothing more than nonsense. Now it's the turn of 44 million data on MyPertamina to leak. Among them is full name, NIK, NPWP, cellphone number, email, income etc," Teguh wrote on Twitter.

According to VOI's monitoring from Bjorka's breeded page, the files that measure 30GB and 6GB after being compressed were sold for US$25,000 or equivalent to Rp392 million.

Bjorka, who has been known for his actions, leaked data ranging from SIM cards, KPU, Indihome, to doxing carried out on officials in Indonesia, seems to have returned to the surface.

Regarding the action, cybersecurity expert Pratama Persadha said that Bjorka is quite an expert on hackers and really cares about the issues that exist in Indonesia.

According to Pratama, Bjorka is not only stealing government personal data, but also taking part in political issues in Indonesia. "I see that hackers take advantage of this data, usually hackers only steal and then sell it, so they don't care about the issue," said Pratama on Tuesday, October 25.

At the same time as different locations, Inspector General Pol. Dono Indarto, Deputy for Cyber and Crypto Security Strategy and Policy, National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN) said that further handling of the Bjorka case has now been given to law enforcement.

"We have submitted it to law enforcement. So the point is, when it comes to leak issues, if we test a lot of data that is actually common, so we can't say that it is a leak. But then we give the follow-up to APH," said Dono.

Until now, there is no certainty from any party whether the data is valid data or not. To be sure, Dono said that maintaining is a shared task.

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