YouTube Attracts Users For Premium Subscriptions By Delivering 4K Resolution Videos
YouTube is now presenting a video viewing offer in 4K resolution (photo: Omar Al-Ghosson/Unsplash)

JAKARTA - To attract users to subscribe to Premium, YouTube is now offering the service to watch videos in 4K resolution.

Now, YouTube Premium isn't just about ditching ads, playing in the background, and trying out new features, but the company is asking some subscribers to subscribe to Premium to get quality videos in 4K resolution.

According to a MacRumors report, Tuesday, October 4, over the weekend, users on Reddit and Twitter said YouTube had asked them to upgrade to a premium tier to watch videos in 4K.

It's not clear which countries users received the request for, but it's quite interesting if users expect to be able to watch at a resolution better than 1440p on their computers or tablets.

It's also unclear whether YouTube is currently testing this feature or is already making a wider rollout.

YouTube's decision is not too surprising, considering the company previously claimed to have 50 million Premium and Music subscribers last September.

However, this figure is not comparable to streaming services such as Spotify Premium which had 188 million users in the second quarter and Netflix with 220.7 million.

The company has tried various methods to convert free users to paid users. One of the most famous is showing up to 11 non-skippable ads before the start of a long video for them to have an uninterrupted experience.

By presenting this new video resolution, said Engadget, YouTube is claimed to get more subscribers who sign up and make it a bigger source of revenue for Google.

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