Loop Energy Proves Hydrogen Fuel Is More Efficient Than Diesel Fuel
Loop Energy Chief Executive Ben Nyland (left), stating that hydrogen is more efficient than diesel. (photo: twitter @LoopEnergyInc)

JAKARTA - Hydrogen fuel cell maker Loop Energy said on Sunday, September 18, that its new cell system could provide better fuel economy than diesel engines at current price levels.

The Burnaby, British Columbia-based company says that, a truck can cover more than 111 miles (179 km) on a cost of $100 of fuel using the new S1200 hydrogen fuel cell system versus a truck running on diesel equivalent fuel, which only covered 109 miles. The study was conducted based on the pan-European diesel cost of 1.91 per liter of US$ on 5 September and US$10 per kg of hydrogen,

As the auto industry shifts to zero-emission electric vehicles (EVs), large cargo truck makers such as Daimler Truck and Volvo are also investing heavily in hydrogen fuel cells to transport cargo over long distances because too many batteries are needed in an electric truck. ineffective.

Hydrogen fuel cells, in contrast, run hydrogen through a catalyst that produces energy and heat to power the tiny batteries that power the trucks, and the only emission from these cells is water.

Hydrogen fuel cells have faced two challenges for widespread adoption. Because they are claimed to be less efficient than diesel so far and the refueling infrastructure in Europe is almost non-existent.

Nyland said the new cell system essentially overcomes the first challenge. But for the second, a wider effort is needed from the government.

"This brings the future much further forward," Loop Energy Chief Executive Ben Nyland told Reuters. "This product delivers the economy it needs for adoption today."

Nyland said that Loop Energy wants to provide fuel cell systems to budding truck makers and as part of a hydrogen powertrain provided to major truck makers by a major supplier.

The company's largest shareholder is US engine maker Cummins, which holds more than a 20% stake in Loop Energy.

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