To Be Safer, Here's How To Send Secret Messages In Gmail
How to send a secret gmail message (photo: Unsplash)

JAKARTA - The security of personal data or a file is indeed one of the most important elements needed by everyone in today's digital era.

The current number of hacks with various models certainly makes many people worry about the security of the data they have.

Not only ordinary people or individuals who can become victims of hacking, even many companies and agencies have experienced it too.

When it comes to companies and agencies, this has certainly entered the formal realm. They definitely use email to send correspondence between companies or their co-workers.

However, e-mail is also not free from the target of cybercrime. Therefore, in 2018 Google introduced its secret mode for Gmail.

This setting allows people to send out-of-date messages and prevents recipients from copying their content, forwarding them to others, or downloading them.

However, surely not a few people who do not know how it works. Here's how you can send a 'secret' email.

Via Browser Write a new message. Look for the locked clock icon to the right of the Send button, and click on it. After this a pop-up will appear allowing you to set how long you want the recipient to have access to the message before it expires. (There are options from one day to five years). Then under the expiration date, you'll see a "Require Passcode" category. So, if you want an extra layer of security, choose an SMS passcode. This will ask your email recipient to enter a passcode which will be sent via SMS to their phone number. A notification that the message is being sent in confidential mode will appear at the bottom of the message. Via Mobile Write a message. Tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the app. Select Secret Mode. Just like on the web, you'll see an option to set how long the message is accessible to the recipient (one day - 5 years). You will also see the Enter password option. If you want more security, select SMS Passcode. (The way of working is the same as on the web). After you adjust the settings, messages sent in confidential mode will display a small window at the bottom detailing how long the message will last before expiring.

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