Tesla's New Software Update, Car Suspension Can Adjust Road Conditions
A new feature in the Tesla suspension, it can detect road conditions. (photo: doc. pixabay)

JAKARTA - Tesla's latest software update includes a cool-sounding feature that can prevent a lot of underbody damage. Maybe even some driver malfunction.

According to an Electrek report, the update (2022.20) will allow Tesla vehicles to scan for potholes ahead and adjust the car's suspension to account for those rough roads.

Tesla owners can enable the new feature by selecting "Comfort" under the Adaptive Suspension Damping settings. But this new feature may depend on where the vehicle is being driven. This means that this feature may not be available for every pothole and crack in the road.

"This adjustment may occur in various locations, subject to availability, as the vehicle downloads the rough roadmap data generated by the Tesla car," the Not a Tesla App wrote.

This software update does not apply to Autopilot or Full Self-Driving systems, meaning the vehicle will not attempt to drive or avoid existing road damage.

Elon Musk said that Tesla is working on a prevention system using 3D labeling to create a hole map. However, it seems the feature is still in development.

Automatic suspension adjustment is nothing to scoff at. This can prevent a lot of vehicle damage that the driver cannot avoid.

The update also includes a green light chime to help deal with driver distraction. Often times we all get caught up in the back of some idiot who pays more attention to their phone than the traffic signal up ahead.

This new feature can help eliminate incidents of road rage, or at least reduce the chance that you will be wooed by motorists waiting behind you.

Electrek notes that the green light feature will only work with vehicles equipped with a hardware 3.0 computer, also known as a self-driving computer.

"This bell is designed as a notification only," the note added. "It is the driver's responsibility to observe their surroundings and make decisions accordingly."

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