The Prime Roadshow Of Apex Legend Mobile Meets A Game With Futuristic Technology With Archipelago Culture
The inaugural roadshow of the Apex Legends Mobile game titled "Jagad Sandya Legenda", Saturday, July 2, Jakarta (photo: Dinda Buana Putri/VOI)

JAKARTA - Electronic Arts held the inaugural roadshow of the Apex Legends Mobile game titled "Jagad Sandya Legenda" at M Bloc Space, South Jakarta, on June 30 - July 3, 2022.

The performance of "Jagad Sandya Legenda" brought together popular mobile games with futuristic technology nuances with Nusantara culture and the characteristics of Southeast Asian kingdoms such as Majapahit.

There are eleven puppets shown in this roadshow. Interestingly, these puppets are not conventional puppet characters, but the puppet forms of the Legends featured in Apex Legends Mobile.

As Mobile Publishing and Marketing Manager for Indonesia Electronic Arts, Gerry Yulian said that their intention was not only to introduce Apex Legend Mobile to the public as a new battle royale game, but there were other goals after that.

"On the one hand, we also want to raise Indonesian culture to the millennial generation so that it will not be forgotten, one of which is through wayang which is full of stories and exotic," said Gerry.

In this event, visitors can take pictures directly with the puppets which were specially made for this occasion by comic artist and wayang connoisseur, Is Yuniarto.

The Met of Puppet Tradition Legend and Modern Legend

Is Yuniarto said, in creating these wayangs, he tried to combine wayang characters that are identical to tradition with more modern comic or game characters, so that they can be more integrated with the younger generation.

Is also said that he needed research before making this Apex Legend puppet design so that the details are perfect.

"Doing design research, front view, side view, accessories too. Game characters are 3D, so how do you still look good even from one side. Even silhouettes can also show the characteristics of each character," he explained.

Is also said that he couldn't calculate how long it would take to complete the designs for the 12 characters, as the process is quite complex.

Is hoping that in the future, the designs displayed at this roadshow can be realized in the form of special skins in the Apex Legend Mobile game.

"The hope is that there will be special skins, versions of accessories or clothes, and even new characters," said Is.

The celebration party was also attended by well-known cosplayers such as Elfee, Yoviens, Cyd, Nessa Miko, Pr Pitaloka, and Kath Cos who became a variety of player favorite Legends such as Octane, Wraith, and so on.

In addition, in this roadshow, there is a Wayang show which is the peak event presented in the Jagad Sandya Legenda. Visitors are presented with contemporary wayang kulit performances through story plays created and masterminded by Ki Bayu Aji Nugraha from the Bajran Gupita Art Studio, Yogyakarta, which tells the struggle of Legends from Apex Legends Mobile against evil.

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