Digital Comics, New Opportunity For National Artists And Comics To Develop Talent
Indonesian illustrator and comic artist Is Yuniarto (photo: doc. Antara)

JAKARTA - Digital comics are an opportunity for national artists and comic artists to work even on the world stage. This opportunity was emphasized by Indonesian illustrator and comic artist Is Yuniarto.

"I see extraordinary opportunities in digital books such as Webtoon. I myself am developing a new story concept (in the form of a digital book/comic)," said Is when met by Antara, in Jakarta, Saturday.

This, according to Is, is also one of the strategic steps to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Now, the printed book industry is experiencing a big challenge. During the pandemic, many publishers have difficulty developing because shops are difficult to open. These two years have been tough for printed books. However, digital books are a good opportunity (to face the pandemic)," explained the artist. behind the comic "Garudayana" and "Grand Legend Ramayana".

Talking about digital works, of course, cannot be separated from the risk of piracy. According to Is, currently, piracy is no longer relevant because of the ease of access to legal content.

"I think it's no longer relevant to talk about piracy in today's era. Reading legal works is now too easy. Pirates are already worried because they are no longer relevant. Access to legal content is really easy and even many are free and free," explained Is .

However, of course legal content cannot be separated from the support of the community as readers and viewers. According to Is, it is important for readers to participate in encouraging the local comic industry with small but meaningful things for the artists behind it.

"We need reader support. We can start by supporting by distributing local comic titles. Currently, there are still many foreign works, however, local comics are also of high quality," said the man who is the General Manager of BumiLangit's Comic Division.

Furthermore, Is shared a message for Indonesian artists, comic makers, and illustrators who are about to jump in and start their journey in this industry.

For him, it is important for creators to create stories, characters, and other things that are close to Indonesian local wisdom.

"Local comic readers are still looking for and liking content that they relate and know well, such as jokes and characters. I believe that they can compete with that. Because, from the quality of the images and stories, many local comics are published abroad and there are big spotlights." abroad," he said.

"And the characteristics (of comics) also depend on the visual experience of the narrator. For those who are just starting out, they must be consistent. Start with short and short works, but often. It will automatically shape your characteristics later," added Is.

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