A Fresh Wind For Automotive Technology, AISI Will Hold Indonesia Motorcycle Show November 2022
Press conference for Indonesia Motorcycle Show 2022, Jakarta, Saturday (2/7/2022) (doto: dok.antara)

JAKARTA - The Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) will hold the Indonesia Motorcycle Show (IMOS) on November 2-6, 2022 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Senayan.

“The return of IMOS 2022 will bring a breath of fresh air because automotive exhibitions always have an attraction for the public, especially motorcycle exhibitions whose consumers are very large in Indonesia. There will be a lot of information on the latest developments in the motorcycle industry at IMOS this year," said Sigit Kumala, Head of Commercial Affairs at AISI and chairman of IMOS exhibition organizer Sigit Kumala.

IMOS 2022 will be one of the motorcycle exhibitions that will present the latest products and technology from the Indonesian automotive industry, IMOS will also provide support for all motorcycle industries including small and medium industries to continue to showcase their latest breakthroughs at IMOS and create new opportunities.

The exhibition, which takes place every two years, will embrace various communities in the motorcycle segment, ranging from automatic motorbikes, classic and modified design motorbikes, scooters and large engine capacity motorbikes, electric-based motorbikes, to various concept motorbikes or other prototypes belonging to AISI members. will be present at IMOS this year.

In addition to AISI members, various supporting industries such as engine lubricants, accessories such as helmets and jackets, and various other supporting driving equipment will also enliven IMOS 2022.

Carrying the theme “Ride a Better Lifestyle”, IMOS 2022 will showcase a number of technological breakthroughs in the two-wheeled vehicle industry related to comfort, safety, and various security support devices. This exhibition will present driving inspiration that will improve the quality of the riding lifestyle of motorcycle users.

In line with this focus, this year there will be various programs to provide information and education to motorcyclists through workshops, and other programs. One program that will provide information as well as inspiration is IMOS Garage Build (IGB).

​This program that involves the creative industry in the field of motorcycle modification is packaged in the form of a competition with educational and motivational elements aimed at improving the ability of a garage or home modification to modify their motorbikes.

IMOS and national scale modifiers namely Atenx from Katros Garage and RC Motogarage will curate the best motorcycle modification ideas and designs that will be selected to participate in this IGB competition. Atenx and RC Motogarage will directly assist the selected participants in modifying the motorbikes which will be the door prizes for visitors to IMOS 2022 in November.

With various innovations, excellent programs, and competitions that will take place, this event will become IMOS's newest magnet as a barometer for the development of the motorcycle industry in the future, said Sigit.

“We have a commitment to continuously improve the quality of IMOS in every event. We have also made various preparations to bring a new atmosphere in the upcoming IMOS. This commitment is in line with the motorcycle industry which continues to innovate to answer the needs of the community in terms of technology, safety, and driving lifestyle," concluded Sigit.

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