YouTube Music Now Suggests Users Cast To Favorite Devices
A look at the new YouTube Music features (Photo: ChromeUnboxed)

JAKARTA - YouTube Music will now try to give suggestions to cast to which device it should work.

It should come as no surprise that the Google Cast UI on Android allows for music and videos to run on the smart devices in your home.

By tapping the "Cast" icon on the top right on YouTube, then select which device it will be cast to.

It allows us to display what we watch or listen to on your smart TV.

But now, it seems Google is giving something more. As ChromeUnboxed found, YouTube Music is now a Suggestions menu above the standard list.

It seems that the new YouTube Music for Cast feature suggests linking to the devices you use more often.

Google spokesman Paul Pennington confirmed the new feature in an email to The Verge, and said suggestions are based on usage, history, and device type.

This special feature for YouTube Music is now rolling out to all app users on both iOS and Android.

YouTube Music provides new features (photo: Play Store)


But, what you need to know is, you need to subscribe to YouTube Music first to cast the app's music to external devices.


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