Twitch Users Can Now Credit Their Emotes
Emotes are a staple on Twitch (photo: Unsplash)

JAKARTA - Twitch is a streaming service that has been released since 2011. When we talk about Twitch, it definitely brings us to the Twitch chat room.

On Twitch chat, we can comment and share emotes. Initially, Twitch's global emote was available to all streamers. The streamer even has his own emote specially made for his channel's subscribers.

Emotes keep communities connected. That's why emotes are important for Twitch users.

On Wednesday, May 18, Twitch announced that they were adding a way to reward emote artists for their work.

There are two new features added, namely emote attribution and Artist chat badges. An emote attribution is a label that can be assigned to the emote itself, tagging the artist's Twitch channel whenever someone clicks on the emote.

Creators can also assign artist badges to five different people per Twitch channel, and expect their emotes to be used for emote, overlay, and avatar artists.

The artist badge allows content creators to give artists the recognition they deserve in their community.

This feature introduces the ability for content creators to assign channel-specific badges to artists and the ability to attribute artists to their channel emotes.

The Artist Badge will only appear next to the artist's username in chats in the creator's channel who gave them the badge unless the artist hides it.

Artists can control the attribution of their emotes at the global or individual channel level. Artists can disable emote attribution on Twitch, which will prevent any creators from giving them emotes.

Artists can also disable emote attribution for certain channels, which will prevent the creator of that content from providing any emotes to that artist.

Artists must have a Twitch account for attribution to be assigned to them. So consider using your Twitch profile to let others know about your work.

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